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Feb 5, 2011 05:27 PM

Need hounds help with a potato appetizer

We need a recipe for a potato appetizer not fried. We like all types of food and have a reasonable selection of spices available. My brother in law is an excellent cook and we would like to prepare something outstanding Thanks in advance
John and Patti

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  1. the first that would come to mind would be potato skins....u could do endless variations of those...pretty much anything u could put on top of a potato..
    u could make any kind of filling...crab,lobster,salmon..turkey...

    i always like the potato puffs u get when buy the appetizer assortments..u could something with that..
    there is a mexican (i think) meat stuffed potato .....but i dont know if they r fried or not...
    those r just the first ones of the top of my head...

    1. Mash potatoes with heavy cream, sour cream and cheese, pipe the mixture into small bite size portions, sprinkle with grated cheese (Parmessan, etc.) and put on pre-heated cast iron skillet under the broiler to crisp up and bottoms and brown the tops. Adding some bacon bits to the mix makes them even more special

      1. Someone on this board has or had a recipe for homemade "tots" and they were very very good! Anyone remember who it was...will look....I know it might sound ridiculous for an appetizer, but they were really good, baked in muffin cups, I believe. Okay, here's the thread...Candy is the one who posted Potato could probably glam them up:

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        1. are we talking a specific variety of potato? and what else will be served during the meal?

          1. "not fried" makes this very vexing. Nothing better than homemade mini potato pancakes with creme fraiche and caviar. You could make empanadas with a potato filling. Chorizo and cheese are great with potato in the filling. If vegetarians- Manchego, potato, grilled chilies are great as fillings. You can bake empanadas and still have them taste pretty darn good.

            Pirogies are amazing (polish dumpling filled with mashed potato and other choice fillings like kraut and mushroom), although usually involve some sauteeing at some point. NO frying? :)