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Should I return it?

Just bought a LC 30cm (8.4L) round french oven at Homesense for $148. It's a second and although I did peak inside while in the store, I didn't see the flaw until I got home. It has a sesame seed sized flaw in the enamel inside the pan, on the bottom. You can see the dark cast iron in the spot. I've looked on line and opinion is mixed on whether this could shorten the life of the pan. Do you think I should just return it? This pan retails for about $500 in Canada.
Thanks for any feedback!

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  1. Unfortunately, I would return it. $148 is a good price for the large size but the spot - with the dark cast iron inside bothers me. You will find better condition pieces at LC outlet if you can wait for sale - discontinued colors are usually very nicely priced.

    1. Return it. It is not a function Dutch Oven. Had the pinhole occurred on the exterior surface then you don't need to return it, but such is not the case.

        1. uh-oh, I'm gonna disagree with the others . Keep it. Why would that tiny little flaw make any difference? There's a reason that the pan was sold as a second. Chances are that's the reason. It's not going to make any difference in the quality or safety of the food you cook in it. It's not going to affect anything by aesthetics.

          Saying that, I realize you are asking because that pan makes you uneasy. So return it if for no other reason than peace of mind.

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            Rust will spread under the enamel around the hole and weaken it, causing further degradation over time. Think of a scratch in the paint of your car.

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              @ThreeGigs/with all due respect, rust will not form around that sesame seed size piece of bare cast iron. Chances are that tiny little exposed piece will just become seasoned with regular cooking and seal naturally.

            1. I say for 1/4 of the regular retail price you go back, look for a perfect exchange, if you can't find one keep it and use the heck out of it for the YEARS it will take to "weaken".

              1. $148 is too much to pay for something you aren't sure about. I'd return it too.

                1. So...I took it back. I was sad though! I will just have to wait for the next time Homesense brings in the LC and hope I find the large size again. Thanks for all your input!

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                    I guess I'm kind of late for this suggestion, but here's my thought. From the research I've done on enameled cast iron, the enamel is applied in a multi coat process, so there is more than one layer of enamel. What I understand, and the manufacturers don't publish all their secrets, the initial layer is a base coat for the color and is black. There is the possibility that this small black spot is the base layer of the enamel and not bare cast iron. You could put a drop of water on that spot and see what happens, if it just beads up and there is no oxidation, then it's the base layer and probably not a problem.

                  2. You should absolutely return it.

                    And they shouldn't be selling it in the first place.

                    A flaw in the ceramic interior is not cosmetic. It will probably get worse over time.

                    LC outlets sell true cosmetic seconds and out of favor colors at prices comparable to yours.

                    1. wow. i'm going to have to be more aware if what everyone is saying is true. i've seen quite a few with lil holes so i thought it was common...