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Feb 5, 2011 03:53 PM

Stupid DO question

Has anyone put a roasting rack in their DO? If so, what have you used? I had a recipe for a roasted pork tenderloin that was to cook covered on a rack. Our roasting pan is for turkey and has no cover, the DO has no rack. I used a cooling rack, any other suggestions?


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  1. Lodge makes a trivet that can be used inside their dutch ovens.

    1. I have this below but it is closed out... it is silicone which does not scratch inside enamel of my LCs.

      Maybe you like this instead...

      The former doesn't fit my 6.75 qt oval but fits 3.5 qt braiser and 6.75 wide round. I barely used it in DO as I have a roasing pan for which I use this rack.

      BTW, I guess a lid made of alminum foil for your roasting pan might nicely work with the recipe, too. One less gadget.

      1. mikie:

        (1) If you do the old way, perch the loin on aromatics and turn it a few times. They give off a bit of moisture, too, if the idea is to keep it covered and moist.

        (2) A few slats of a non-resinous wood or bamboo crossed over each other to elevate the loin. Stacked chopsticks? Soak in water, first.

        (3) A small pyrex pie plate, or a couple ramekins, inverted inside your DO.

        (4) I think if you're the least bit careful, a metal rack in an ECI DO won't hurt the enamel.