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Feb 5, 2011 03:50 PM

Small skillet induction friendly

I am looking for a small skillet. Has to be induction friendly and preferably non-stick. Size... 1 - 2 eggs to top a muffin. B, B & B sells one but is not induction friendly. It is about 3" or so.
Thank you. Also used for blinis

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  1. Ask Chowhound tanuki soup, who owns one of these:

    1. I vote for a carbon steel blini pan:

      Tanuki Soup has the absolute coolest kitchen gear. I have severe kitchen envy.

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      1. re: E_M

        I saw the blini pan. Is carbon steel induction friendly?

        1. re: mrotmd

          Since E_M doesn't seem to be around at the moment -- Yup, carbon steel pans work great on induction.

      2. I found a nice 8" nonstick cast aluminum induction ready skillet at TJMaxx. It's a Red Rose England brand. I also got a 10" Berndes of similar construction.

        What's the smallest diameter that your induction burner can use? Probably 4 or 5". For a skillet, I think 8" (rim diameter) is the smallest practical size.

        1. Hi, mrotmd,

          Although Politeness has kindly mentioned my Iwachu cast iron omelet pan, I actually prefer using a nonstick induction-capable aluminum pan for eggs and omelets. IME, aluminum pans conduct heat out to the edges much faster.

          The pan I usually use is made by Archetun. It is a rivetless design that is great for omelets, and it even looks like a cast iron pan. Unfortunately, Archetun pans seem to be hard to find in the US.

          My second choice would be a Debuyer CHOC Induction frying pan. I have one in a larger size and really like it. It is a very simple design with a long and comfortable tubular stainless steel handle.

          Another pan to consider might be Swiss Diamond. They now offer many of their pans in induction-capable versions. The model numbers are the same, but with a little "i" stuck on the end.

          Hope you find this info helpful.

          Pics of an Archetun frying pan and Debuyer CHOC Induction frying pans attached.

          1. I use a small non-stick coated "All Clad" skillet about 7".
            Expensive, but works fine on my DIVA induction top.