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Small skillet induction friendly

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I am looking for a small skillet. Has to be induction friendly and preferably non-stick. Size... 1 - 2 eggs to top a muffin. B, B & B sells one but is not induction friendly. It is about 3" or so.
Thank you. Also used for blinis

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  1. Ask Chowhound tanuki soup, who owns one of these: http://ginkgraph.net/articles/product...

    1. I vote for a carbon steel blini pan: http://www.amazon.com/World-Cuisine-C...

      Tanuki Soup has the absolute coolest kitchen gear. I have severe kitchen envy.

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        I saw the blini pan. Is carbon steel induction friendly?

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          Since E_M doesn't seem to be around at the moment -- Yup, carbon steel pans work great on induction.

      2. I found a nice 8" nonstick cast aluminum induction ready skillet at TJMaxx. It's a Red Rose England brand. I also got a 10" Berndes of similar construction.

        What's the smallest diameter that your induction burner can use? Probably 4 or 5". For a skillet, I think 8" (rim diameter) is the smallest practical size.

        1. Hi, mrotmd,

          Although Politeness has kindly mentioned my Iwachu cast iron omelet pan, I actually prefer using a nonstick induction-capable aluminum pan for eggs and omelets. IME, aluminum pans conduct heat out to the edges much faster.

          The pan I usually use is made by Archetun. It is a rivetless design that is great for omelets, and it even looks like a cast iron pan. Unfortunately, Archetun pans seem to be hard to find in the US.

          My second choice would be a Debuyer CHOC Induction frying pan. I have one in a larger size and really like it. It is a very simple design with a long and comfortable tubular stainless steel handle.

          Another pan to consider might be Swiss Diamond. They now offer many of their pans in induction-capable versions. The model numbers are the same, but with a little "i" stuck on the end.

          Hope you find this info helpful.

          Pics of an Archetun frying pan and Debuyer CHOC Induction frying pans attached.

          1. I use a small non-stick coated "All Clad" skillet about 7".
            Expensive, but works fine on my DIVA induction top.

            1. ScanPan CTX 8" fry pan. It's one of our favorite pieces of cookware. (CTX is their induction-friendly line)

              1. When I first switched to induction a year ago, I carried a magnet with me all the time :) I'm finding these days that more labeling is indicating induction compatible. Just a general comment.