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Feb 5, 2011 03:42 PM

Vienna restaurant opinions & recommendations please!

Will be in Vienna at the end of April and my head is spinning looking at the different restaurants. We have dinner reservations at Steiereck cause it seems like we should and are looking at Walter Bauer, Rudi Beisl and Zum Schwarzen Kamel. Any of these better for lunch than dinner? Also would like some lighter fare choices for lunch. Any other restaurant that I haven't mentioned that we shouldn't miss?


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  1. Just to make sure you know what you get:
    Steiereck, Walter Bauer and Schwarzes Kameel are all expensive high-end places. Each one promises a special experience, and you cannot go wrong by visiting all three, budget permitting. Another interesting high-end place is the restaurant Anna Sacher in Hotel Sacher, although their ambiente still beats their food...

    Rudis Beisl is a small, down-to-the-earth, smokers welcome (!!), traditional beisl, rather inexpensive but excellent value for the money. There are dozens of similar small beisl all over town, and you might even find you prefer a small place right around the corner of your hotel.

    For lunch when strolling throught the city we like one of the beisl located there, just as Immervoll, Huth, 3 Hacken, Pfudl, Zum Scherer, Ofenloch, beim Czaak or Weibels Wirtshaus.

    Outside the Ringstrasse are many more of the same kind, with great choices of traditional Viennese food including specialties like all kinds of offal: Zum Reznicek, Zur Goldenen Kugel, Altwiener Gastwirtschaft Schilling, Gasthaus Sperl, Schreiners Gastwirtschaft, Meixners Gastwirtschaft or Gasthaus Stern come to my mind, but are just a small selection of possible choices. lists 88 traditional Viennese restaurants as "recommended", the overall number is 650 ...

    Where do you stay ? Knowing the location of your hotel I can give more specific hints.

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        We will be at the Imperial. One over-the-top restaurant is surely enough. I started with the hotel's recommendations and started looking on the internet and it's just become overwhelming. We would like to experience different types of Viennese cuisine and not find ourselves eating the same food over and over again. Your suggestions are very much appreicated.

        1. re: Brentwood90049

          Yes, indeed: if you stay at the Imperial the Gmoakeller is within walking distance, you just have to cross the Schwarzenbergplatz and pass the Konzerthaus to reach the Gmoakeller, which is an old Viennese institution carefully preserved and serving a wonderful variety of classic Viennese cuisine ...

          Actually, right at the Hotel Imperial there is a quite good restaurant and - even better - a charming, really "gemĂĽtliches" Kaffeehaus !!

          If you cross the Ringstrasse you have several interesting old-style beisl restaurants within a 5 min walking distance, such as Restaurant Huth, Weibels Wirtshaus, Zu den 3 Hacken, Beim Czaak, Pfudl and - of course - Plachutta on Wollzeile. We do not like Plachutta too much, the food is OK but overpriced, and the atmosphere is missing...

          For real down-to-earth Viennese cuisine I would choose either Rudis Beisl (though quite a distance away and reservation required), the Gmoakeller or Beim Czaak.

          For lunches I definitely recommend the lunch menu of one of the Kaffeehäuser. You can go there any time of the day and still get a Wiener Schnitzel or Gulasch...

          And for the single high-end experience:
          - If you want real exceptional inventive food and accept a modern theatrical setup of questionable taste, go to Steirereck.
          - If you want Fin-de-Siecle authenticity and traditional high-end Viennese food, go to Schwarzes Kameel or Anna Sacher.
          - If you just want to spend a perfect evening with excellent food and helpful service, go to Walter Bauer.

          1. re: Sturmi

            You are so kind to help people out Sturmi! thank you!
            We are staying at Mariahilferstrasse the first two nights near the Neubaugasse stop. Is there anything good to eat near there - just whatever a local person might want. Is there some good espresso and pastries for the morning?

            After that we will stay on Ferchergasse in Hernals. how about food near there?

            and finally I know it must be expensive and maybe no bookings, but have you heard good things about Palais Coburg?

            If you are ever in Tasmania, I have suggestions!

            1. re: debbieann

              Sturmi will respond with tons of amazing options but I thought I'd chime in with a place I love right near where you're staying called Phoenixhof. It's very local and very fun. Classic Viennese food in a casual, friendly environment. It's just up Neubaugasse on Neustiftgasse. I've mentioned it on here before so you can search for other Vienna discussions. Enjoy your trip! Vienna is the greatest!

              1. re: debbieann


                I glanced at your best meals listing on your profile, and think you should particularly look at Mraz & Sohn. I've been to 3 of your listed favourites, and there is a pattern..

                Not much info on this Board (although Sturmi originally alerted me to this place), but it is TOTALLY different from any of the other places usually mentioned here. Perhaps more exuberance than anything else, but it's almost theatre. (Closed at weekends).

                Suffice it to say that this was the most 'exciting' meal of my recent trip. I recall more about that meal (ordered the tasting menu) than any other meal.

                1. re: estufarian

                  Yes, Phoenixhof and Mraz&Son are both quite authentic Viennese spots and worth a visit.

                  The Neubaugasse/Mariahilferstrasse are is a busy quarter full of small cafes and low-cost snack bars and pizzerias, I am sure you will find something according to your taste, although nothing is so extraordinary that it would be worth a detour. A place worth mentioning is the new Wein&Co coffee bar, which 1. offers breakfast and 2. has a nice, quite terrace overlooking the Mariahilferstrasse. They have wonderful wine by the glass and exceptional espresso Italian style.

                  And yes, the newly reopened Palais Coburg is considered to be the new Nr.1 spot in town, which was actually not difficult after so many high-end places have closed. OTOH I do not like their new interior, it is kitsch at its extreme...