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Feb 5, 2011 03:34 PM

2 weeks in Buenos Aires

I will be in Buenos Aires for two weeks in April. This is my third time and will want to go back to some of our favorites, as well as, try new places. We eat only dine out while we are there, so we need many recommendations.

These are our favorites: (If you can weigh in, please do.)

El Trapiche
Amici Miee
Sette Bacco
Bella Italia
Il Matterello

Want to try:

El Establo
La Cabrera
El Federal
Don Julio
Don Carlos
El Estrebe
La Despensa

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  1. Sarkis Great Armenian Must go. Local Crowd not many tourists
    Don Julio was good, not great. look for lunch Parilla Rodrigo Pena 646 ( I think that the address ) Business men at lunch Tierra de Asaso ( short ribs grilled great!! )
    La Cabrera ( pass while it gets allot of love from others I like the true BsAs exprience, guide book crowd goes here)
    El Desnivil (sp) in the tango market on sunday gets good marks
    Siga la Vaca ( buffet all you van eat , go for lunch $15 including a bottle of wine meat good not great, take a walk along the water in Puerto Madero before and after lunch)
    Hope this helps..

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      La Cabrera is great for meat but for a more interesting and local 'asado' experience, I would highly recommend a day trip to Carlos Keen near Luján, a charming small town with wonderful, traditional parrillas. I would also strongly advise visiting the 'Feria de Mataderos' in Buenos Aires on a Sunday where you can get street parrillas with sizzling steaks and chorizos at very cheap prices as well as folk music and stands with crafts and regional produce.
      Another fantastic place for amazing meat and local dishes is "Don Zoilo" ( If you would like to try some regional North-western food, go to Na Serapia ( for a tamal, humita, locro or empanadas with a caraffe of wine. Cheap and brilliant. Enjoy!

    2. If you want to try some steak then check out El Obrero in La Boca. Everyone says it's in a more dodgy neighborhood so a cab there and back is recommended but this is the sort of place that makes you want to weep when you walk in. It's covered in old memorabilia, the same guys have been working there for years, and they put out the best meat I had in the city. But, talking about the best steak in Buenos Aires is like talking about the best tacos in Mexico City - everyone has their opinion. This is just mine.

      I'd definitely try a closed door restaurant. They are SUPER on trend in Bs As. Check out Casa Felix (which is a must in my opinion). If it's not your thing, then do a quick search on puertos cerrados in the city. You'll get a solid list. Casa Salt Shaker - who often posts here - runs one too which gets solid reviews.

      If you're into something a bit off colour, then try Il Ballo del Matteone. It's Italian food but super tasty and fresh. Plus, the restaurants are owned by an artist and run by artists and street art, graffiti, and some avante-garde pieces fill their restaurants. It's really cool.

      FINALLY, I ate ice cream nonstop. Non stop. Loved Un Altra Volta, Persicco. There are more - a ton more - and though these are chains, they are rocking some pretty tasty stuff. I loved the orange and peach from Persicco if you want something refreshing. But you have to get a dulce de leche. JEALOUS!

      Caitlin Zaino |