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Feb 5, 2011 03:03 PM

pulled pork in oven; possible to create bark?

I don't have access to a smoker, but have a pork shoulder I need to cook. It is about 6 pounds, and while I see lots of slow cooker recipes, does anyone have suggestions of how to do it in the oven? Id love to be able to have some crispy bark-y bits, but have no idea about roasting such a large cut. Any suggestions are very welcomed!

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  1. Several recipes on the internet for "oven" roasted pulled pork.
    You will get some bark, not much difference slow cooking in an oven compared to slow cooking in a smoker.

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      In a gas oven, there won't be as much bark formation as in an electric oven, because one of the byproducts of gas combustion is water vapor. Hence, the gas oven will be more humid and therefore will inhibit (but not prevent) barking.

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        Agreed, you should get a good amount of bark as long as you don't braise it or cover it. Do the same thing you would do if it was in a smoker.

      2. I have a Cameron stove top smoker, with the various chips. That helps with the smoke bit. But, my suggestion is season well and cook it low and slow in the oven, covered with foil, and then broil it to get the crisp. I use pulverized lapsang oolong tea to get the smoky flavor. In the summer, I do ribs in the oven and DH fires up the charcoal grill for the finishing touch with fire and sauce.

        1. I have had good luck with Sara Foster's recipe for slow cooked pulled pork. You get some nice crunchy bits and the flavors used in the cooking liquid are very good. Note: the first recipe is for the pulled pork, the second for the "Q Shack" rub. (the Q Shack is a bbq place in Durham, NC)