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Feb 5, 2011 02:12 PM

Shelter Island - Two Eds? Commander Cody's?

Hoping for a quick Chowhound response on these 2 places for dinner tonight! People here have been mentioning Two Eds, but we peeked in the window, and the drab carpeting and cafeteria chairs are a downer. Is this more of an eat-outside-in-the-summer place? I don't mind casual, but this seemed like an American Legion hall rec room, which doesn't bring to mind good food!

Stopped by Commander Cody's to sample the baked goods (after meeting the daughter who bakes them last night) - amazing red velvet whoopie pie with marshmallow cream cheese filling. Was wondering what the dinner is like. Is the fried chicken really all that, as a review posted there said? How about the fish and the ribs?



Two Eds
1 N Ferry Rd, Shelter Island, NY 11964

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