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Feb 5, 2011 12:03 PM

A Question About EU Rules and If It Affects Culinary Culture

So I'm watching a repeat of No Reservations, Bourdain is in Turkey, and I watch an interesting part where his guide talks about the populace not wanting to join the EU because a lot of their traditional dishes and ingredients (?) will be banned. I then recalled, when I was a livery driver, a passenger from the Channel Islands telling me how he didn't want the UK to join for the exact reason. He rambled on about a specific dish consisting of a pork chop or ham steak, maybe, having in its center a cut of liver or foie gras, and how it was a traditional dish in Gurnsey. And if they joined, Spain would no longer allow that dish to be served. Or something along those lines. Why exactly are these types of rules allowed, much less enforced in EU countries? Does it not wipe out significant part of culture and history? Is this even true?

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  1. "Is this even true?"


    1. Some people I have spoken with in countries on the EU list are worried about losing their culture and identity if they do join the EU. However, although I saw that episode you discuss, I have not seen or heard evidence of culinary changes happening anywhere. I would love to know more about it myself, however, as my husband and I are moving to Europe.