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Feb 5, 2011 11:57 AM

My favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic

Family owned business, all speak good English and Czech. Food is prepared from fresh ingredients (no frozen, no cans, no MSG) by the father. Prices are very affordable (lunch from 3 US dollars) but the food is exquisite and inventive. See video private info video: We dine there at least once a week.

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  1. this looks really great! will definitely check it out. dyu have any other recs that are as reasonably priced as this one?

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    1. re: ShekhaV

      “Sapa” (named after the hill tribe town in northern Vietnam) in Prague 4 - it's a whole vietnamese community in South Prague - a very interesting experience.

      1. re: mcattrone

        I tried this place on my visit and am happy to say both times were a wonderful experience. I had the grilled pork that comes with noodles and salad on the side (I cant remember the name on the menu) and a selection of starters. The Pork has an excellent smoky flavour and the texture was perfect in all the right places. Everything was very well done and as good as one could find in Deptford, London, where most of my favourite Vietnamese places are.