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Feb 5, 2011 11:27 AM

East Tennessee Food Party: Attention Dead Serious East Tennesse Home Cooks

Throwing a birthday party for my Benton's Country Ham on it's 2 year anniversary of springing to eating it.

To give it it's due I'll be serving 7 or so courses of East Tennessee cuisine.

Obviously we'll be serving lots of Tennesse whiskey [not Jack Daniels as it is not drinkable] as course pairings, so bear that in mind.

It wouldn't be a party without a big kettle of soup beans but what are some other favorites?

Any Junior Leaguers from Grainger County, Tazewell or Knoxville on the board?

Mr/Mrs Shallots, you got your ears on?

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  1. Glad to know George will be there for the festivities!! ;)

    1. Well, cornbread, obviously.

      1. Not from Tennessee, but from south eastern KY. With country ham I always have corn pudding and green beans. Other goodness to serve are Garlic cheese grits, any type of cornbread, Chess pie.

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          I am from Ky but also lived in east tenn I second the corn pudding. Spoonbread maybe?
          And yes yes yes STACK cAKE!!

          Down here in South Carolina I have made bicuits with bits of county ham in them and chesse....divine!

        2. A co-worker of mine is originally from TN and he always speaks about his grandmother's blueberry dumplings. From what he's told me, it's stewed blueberries with long strips of sweetened dough tossed in to cook...think chicken n' dumplings but with blueberries.

          1. Just happened by.

            I wonder if red eye gravy with homemade biscuits would be the way to start the day? Made with the kind of old timers' black coffee that took the hair off their chests.

            (Can you imagine what some of the lesser bits of your ham would do to the red sauce that Puleo's puts on their fresh grits from South Carolina?)

   to have apples.....maybe a simple lightly stir fried Granny Smith (my Arkansas Blacks didn't last into winter that well this year so I doubt there are any other locally) and then thin shaves of the driest part of the ham over them.

            Greenbeans with bits of the ham.

            Got to work real black walnuts into the menu somehow.

            Plain corn pudding. No ham, but a good offset.

            East Tennessee: the desert of choice has to be Banana pudding; Home Made Vanilla Wafers and home made vanilla pudding. Only the bananas are foreigners.

            (Mrs.) Shallots