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Feb 5, 2011 10:31 AM

Londonist's list of Chinatown Top 10

This might be of interest to some folk here. Londonist has compiled their list of the Top 10:

The writers seem to have gone for the popularity standard, so no doubt there will be some responses on places that should have been included and objections that some should not have been included. Those are certainly welcome! Though I guess what I like in the list is the identification of which menu items are the good ones in some places.

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  1. Four Seasons, while not as good as Gold Mine, is still very good, and certainly worth it for the various roast meats.

    Others worth checking out include Golden Day for excellent Hunan, C&R for their wan tan ho, the modernised fusiony Cantonese at Haozhan, xlb at Dumpling Legends, the Fuzhou cooking at New Aroma (although their newer Sichuan stuff looks promising).

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      Love the four seasons roast duck - got a half roast duck take away the other night .
      It was worth it just the watch the guy chop it up in under 10 seconds. And the dipping sauce - just lovely balance - not too sweet , nice five spice flavours, depth , not too oily. Moist duck - fat from
      under skin could have been rendered off a bit more - only minor complaint.
      I want some now.

    2. p.s. Ipoh is pronounced Ee-po, not "i-poo" as stated in the article.

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        hey limster - can you pls elaborate a bit more about new aroma? ta in advance.

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            ta. sounds interesting, to say the least.