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Feb 5, 2011 10:15 AM

Pork belly left overs

So I've got a piece of pork skin and those lil ribs left over from making pancetta.

Any ideas what to do with it? I know many many cassoulet recipes have you line the bottom of the dish/pot with skin, any thing else?

The lil ribs will probably get thrown in with a pot of meatballs and red sauce. Got have the pork, pork is where the flavor is [Source: GoodFellas]. Any other ideas?

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  1. You could simmer the skin and bones to make a rich stock; cook until the skin is tender (takes some time). You can then dice the skin and add it to various dishes where you want some extra porky richness. When cold cooked skin is rather tough, but tender when warmed.

    I made a quasi-cassoulet by combining cooked beans with diced skin (from slow roasting some brined pork cheeks), stock and dry chorizo, and baking that.

    1. Also delicious as a flavoring for white beans. Throw in the pork along with some rosemary, and you would have a nice side dish or bean spread for crostini.

      1. Deep fry 'em.

        Ribs will be crunchy just like potato chips.