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Feb 5, 2011 08:10 AM

Give me 3 dinners in San Antonio please :-)

Going to be in San Antonio next week for 3 nights and was wondering what 3 places should go for dinner. Will be staying at Omni La Mansion on the Riverwalk. Have been to Biga before and enjoyed, though thought was a little overpriced and a little overhyped as well for what I received. Also have been to Boudro's and enjoyed it. Once place I am pretty sure we will go for lunch...maybe dinner will be Piccolo's. Have had lunch there before as was impressed. So.....what 3 places would you recommend? I have heard good things about LaGloria so maybe will check it out. Thanks!

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  1. I love the Shrimp Paisano at Paisano's on the Riverwalk. I get that every time I pass through SA during the lunch hour.

    1. Check out Luke, just opened a few months ago. Not far from your hotel.
      La Gloria is good, also at Pearl Brewery is Il Sogno, best Italian in the city IMO.

      1. In the Westin hotel, try Zocca - great location with an awesome patio right on the riverwalk, and top Italian. Also try Acenar for modern Mexican and great cocktails - next door to the Valencia Hotel.

        1. I've been to Las Ramblas numerous times and never have been disappointed. The goat cheese appetizer is outstanding. I've had both lunch and dinner. The service is excellent and the patio on the river is special. It's in the Contessa Hotel

          Las Ramblas
          306 W Market St, San Antonio, TX

          1. Just wanted to update and say tried several places on Riverwalk that were good. However, went to Il Sogno and have to say it was fantastic! Had the pasta with saffron cream sauce along with shrimp and mussels. Very very good! Our waiter Steven was fantastic....very knowledgeable and gave suggestions but nothing pushy. Nutella tart at the end...mmmm. Also went to La Gloria on Saturday and was wonderful.

            La Gloria
            1001 37th St, Snyder, TX 79549