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Feb 5, 2011 08:03 AM

No Boil Lasagna Noodles - question

Do they work with any lasagna recipe? Or does a recipe have to be tailored for their use?

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  1. It is good t make sure it is a liquidy recipe. You can use regular lasagne noodles unboiled also and they taste better.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      I would agree.....more sauce than than mentioned in most recipes......regular lasagna noodles taste better than some no boil offerings.

    2. I'd say any recipe with a loose, liquid sauce - not good if you have a lasagna w/layers of cheese & veg w/not much sauce. I only use them in a red-sauce-heavy lasagna and I don't find I need to use more sauce that is called for in the recipe - just make sure that all the bits of uncooked noodle are covered in sauce so that they'll soften up as the dish bakes.


      1. I agree with everyone. I use no boil noodles all the time in my lasagna, but I go heavy on the sauce. I've never had any problems, noodles are always just right.

        1. Thanks everyone! Will go heavy on the sauce!

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            Same here: a little extra sauce will do it. Also, I soak the pasta sheets in warm water for about 30 mins. It's a 'no sweat' procedure. You'll be fine.

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              One of the main difference in the no boil noodle is that they are thinner which allows them to hydrate better in a regular recipe. By adding a bit more sauce you will have enough liquid to hydrate them and even regular noodles.

            2. I've read the replies so far, so my post is considering that.
              A) When do I plan to serve it? For regular noodle sheets, I plan I make, set, then bake. It sits overnight. This is my favorite approach. Since I know I will reheat this, my last layer is sauce. And I do add about a cup of water, trickled down the sides, and tightly foil wrap it. That is my all time special approach. That pan weights a ton with meat and cheese.

              I like no boil for lighter faster recipes. While I know you can, I do not microwave my no boil. Since I use no boil for faster stuff, I usually use a loaf pan. Same deal, but a bit more water before baking. Again a TiGhT foil wrap. And I let it rest in the oven no less than 15 minutes.