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No Boil Lasagna Noodles - question

Do they work with any lasagna recipe? Or does a recipe have to be tailored for their use?

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  1. It is good t make sure it is a liquidy recipe. You can use regular lasagne noodles unboiled also and they taste better.

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      I would agree.....more sauce than than mentioned in most recipes......regular lasagna noodles taste better than some no boil offerings.

    2. I'd say any recipe with a loose, liquid sauce - not good if you have a lasagna w/layers of cheese & veg w/not much sauce. I only use them in a red-sauce-heavy lasagna and I don't find I need to use more sauce that is called for in the recipe - just make sure that all the bits of uncooked noodle are covered in sauce so that they'll soften up as the dish bakes.


      1. I agree with everyone. I use no boil noodles all the time in my lasagna, but I go heavy on the sauce. I've never had any problems, noodles are always just right.

        1. Thanks everyone! Will go heavy on the sauce!

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            Same here: a little extra sauce will do it. Also, I soak the pasta sheets in warm water for about 30 mins. It's a 'no sweat' procedure. You'll be fine.

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              One of the main difference in the no boil noodle is that they are thinner which allows them to hydrate better in a regular recipe. By adding a bit more sauce you will have enough liquid to hydrate them and even regular noodles.

            2. I've read the replies so far, so my post is considering that.
              A) When do I plan to serve it? For regular noodle sheets, I plan I make, set, then bake. It sits overnight. This is my favorite approach. Since I know I will reheat this, my last layer is sauce. And I do add about a cup of water, trickled down the sides, and tightly foil wrap it. That is my all time special approach. That pan weights a ton with meat and cheese.

              I like no boil for lighter faster recipes. While I know you can, I do not microwave my no boil. Since I use no boil for faster stuff, I usually use a loaf pan. Same deal, but a bit more water before baking. Again a TiGhT foil wrap. And I let it rest in the oven no less than 15 minutes.

              1. Barilla no-boil noodles taste great. They are thin and tender and because they contain egg, they taste more like fresh pasta than other lasagna noodles do.

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                  Yes, I totally agree. And they don't need much extra sauce, if any at all, since they're so thin.

                2. I don't think I've ever used them, and I don't precook my noodles. My lasagna is made with a loose sauce, so there is plenty of moisture. The regular noodles cook just fine. In fact, they come out better, I think, because they weren't pre-cooked. They hold up well, have nice tooth feel, and don't fall apart when served.

                  I'm honestly not sure why anyone would use the no-boil version. Have you tried using regular without pre-cooking?

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                    <I'm honestly not sure why anyone would use the no-boil version>
                    Because Barilla no-boil taste SO much better than dry lasagna noodles, and have a better texture as well. Briefly soaked, they also make excellent canneloni. .

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                      and it's one less pan, and an hour less time, and less laundry (towels to dry the noodles on) and less mess in the kitchen, and ...and...and

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                        My point was that "regular" noodles seem to do just fine without pre-cooking. They perform the way I would expect the no-boil one would. I've only used the regular noodles, and I've never pre-boiled them.

                        I hadn't heard there was a difference in taste, though. Might have to check it out to see the difference.

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                          and because I can't buy regular lasagna noodles where I live, which is quite possibly the most compelling reason.

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                            If you do, don't bother with Ronzoni no boil, it's no comparison to Barilla.

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                              Ronzoni doesn't exist here...but Barilla is (which is okay, because I like them best anyway)

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                          I use Barilla for two reasons; they're better in taste and texture than regular, as greygarious says, and they're much lower in calories and carbs, because they're thin and light.

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                          I make my own lasagna noodles because I like them thin and delicate since my sauce is meatless with lots of basil. I went to my sister's for dinner and she served my recipe for lasagna but used the no-cook Barilla noodles. They were just about as good as the ones I spend a lot of time making by hand. Have decided to try them myself next time since I find the standard ruffle edged noodles to be too thick, and they taste somewhat gummy to me if not precooked.

                        4. I just make the sauce a little looser (I've found that a quick hit with the stick blender before assembly does a good job of this) and pile it on.

                          Bizarrely, I have yet to find "regular" lasagna noodles on offer anywhere near me -- 6 different brands of no-boil, but not a single box of regular.

                          1. Tom, you cannot screw those up. I don't like the taste of no boil noodles or even regular noodles that haven't been cooked first, but have used them many times when I was short on time or just lazy. I have never adapted a recipe to suit them and they always came out well. The key is to make sure you have a nice bed of sauce at the bottom of your pan and cover the top layer of noodles with a film of sauce. But if your recipe is of average wetness, it will turn out well.

                            1. Thanks, everyone. I did not boil and it worked beautifully. I tried the recipe below and it was incredible. You would never guess it has no meat, it is so hearty and, indeed, meaty from the mushrooms (I used mostly brown mushrooms and I added a few more.) This recipe also had the best b├ęchamel I've ever tasted.


                              1. With regards to Barilla Pasta.....it's a brand I normally have stocked in my pantry, however, I do not have the same love as others do for their Oven Ready Lasagna, nor their Tortelloni & Tortellini items for that matter. These items have an off putting taste and smell to me. I greatly prefer their Wavy Lasagna Noodles in comparison....