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Feb 5, 2011 07:00 AM

Finding Truffles in Philly

Hi Philly Hounds.

I will be going today to Reading Terminal Market to hit some of my favorite spots, really more or less for the fresh pretzels and breads. But I am interested in finding some truffles, are there some high end cheese shops or specialty shops in the Market that carry any of them?

I would love to use some in home cooking, thanks for any advice.

I can locate every fine craft beer establishment in that fine city, but haven't good the foodie game down yet.


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  1. Actually not going to get there until next weekend, so any ideas would still be greatly appreciated.

    1. I don't recall ever seeing them in the RTM. If you walk over to DiBruno Bros., I've seen them canned at their shop, but I don't recall seeing them fresh. If no luck on your visit, they are available by email order through D'Artagnan and almagourmet.com.

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        I was thinking of trying DiBruno's, Im sure it couldn't hurt and hope for the best.

      2. I don't think that you will fresh truffles in Philly. I have been unsuccessful in finding them since Assoline and Ting closed down.

        I did see them not too long ago at, Mario Batali's market, Eataly on Fifth Avenue in New York City:

        200 5th Avenue
        New York, NY 10010
        T: 212.229.2560

        1. I haven't seen any in Philly lately, but Wegmans in the burbs currently has fresh truffles in their produce section for $99.99 a pound. Maybe there's a Wegmans near you that has them?

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            YO, katsak !!! Where's your Wegmans? They're $399 a pound at mine.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              This was at the Malvern location. If yours is $399, maybe the "3" fell off the sign ;) I'll check next time I'm there

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                Just checked the price again, there was a tag partially covering the first digit which was a 9, so they are $999.99 a pound!

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              I did remember seeing them at the Princeton, NJ Wegman's about a year ago locked up and should have gotten them. Since then, I haven't seen in any of the several Wegman's that I frequent. I will continue to look when I go there and maybe send them a question on it.

              Thanks for reminding me.

            3. I feel like I saw some at Iovine Bros - in the case by the cash registers. (could be imagining this...)

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                In the case by the register... definitely an impulse purchase! I can see little kids tugging on Mum's sleeve saying "I don't want Sugar Smacks, just get me some truffles Mummy!"

                On the Wegman's website they say they have imported Burgundy Truffles in select stores... and I love how they have the default value as a pound... if Whole Foods is whole paycheck, then Wegman's can become whole mortgage payment!

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                  I have seen morels in that case so it is possible they get truffles in there from time to time.

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                    you aren't imagining it they do have them occassionally at Iovines - call ahead they may be able to get them and just not stock them all the time. Also, Ippolito's at 13 and Dickenson has them jarred sometimes (strange, I know)

                    1. re: Bigley9

                      There were fresh black truffles at Iovines this weekend in the case