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Appetizing in Brooklyn

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I'm hosting a brunch and am looking for a place near or a short drive from my neighborhood (Cobble Hill) to buy some appetizing -- tuna fish, egg salad, whitefish salad, salmon salad -- to go with bagels. Any recommendations? I've also been given a strong recommendation for Terrace Bagels for the bagels, so if you know that's a good place for appetizing, I'll be more than happy to make one stop for everything.

Thanks as always for any help.


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  1. Fairway. They have tasty bagels as well.

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      Second Fairway highly. There tuna is really good. They make egg salad with dill which is also great. The salmon and whitefish salad are as good as any; of the appetizing stores in the city.

    2. appetizing, I think you mean appetizers. On Atlantic are a number of Arab/Middle Eastern Places. Sahadi's is the most famous, but there are many choices if yo walk up and down Atlantic Avenue. Trader Joe's is probably the easiest to get everything done in one shot. Smith street also has many places. On Union and Henry is Mazzola Bakery, buy the lard bread, and other seasoned breads and cut them up.

      187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      Mazzola Bakery
      192 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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        Pretty sure gold means the stuff you get at Jewish appetizing stores.

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          Driving to Trader Joe's, Sahadi's and the like isn't easy by a long shot. I challenge anyone to find a free & legal spot on Court St., the sides and Atlantic Avenue in the first six passes.

          187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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            yup--she does in fact mean appetizing, and I don't think the middle eastern places will help in that regard. Certainly I don't imagine lard bread fitting the bill here.

          2. I should actually cover my bases a little on the bagel question. If you're throwing you shindig on a Sunday, you might want to consider driving to Midwood to B&H Kosher Bagel Hole, on 1431 Coney Island Avenue bet. J & K. They, by far, have some of the best tasting, right out of the oven, bagels. My only advice is to call ahead and ask i to make the bagels well done. This way you get the crispiness and the taste. I wouldn't buy their appetizers without tasting them first. Sometimes, items like their sable and smoked tuna can be terrific, sometimes a little below fair. If you want a Mexican take on a bagel, go to What's a Bagel, on 11112 Flatlands Avenue in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn. Those bagels are earthy tasting, crisp, rightly sized and almost have a sponge cake interior. Then, you can go to Fairway and pick up the rest. However, like I said in my first response, Fairway will not let you down. Not by a long shot.

            Kosher Bagel Hole
            1431 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

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            1. re: bigmackdaddy

              The best bagels in Brooklyn - The Bagel Hole, 7th Avenue (west side)between 12th and 13th Street. The make "old time" bagels: not filled with tons of squishy dough and small (compared to the bagels now made all over, including Terrace Bagels), crisp on the outside (again not squisy), and you can actually taste the difference among the different types. And not a million different "flavors" - just the regulars like plain, egg, salt, pumpernickel, sesame, poppy - you get the idea. Blue Apron brings them in on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately the Coop uses Terrace Bagels.

              Bagel Hole
              400 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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                You've been to B&H Kosher then?

            2. http://www.goldcoastsalads.com/blue-c...
              For a party situation, I would consider the Gold Coast Salads (whitefish, salmon, blue crab, lobster)--that you can get at such a great price from Costco.--I think a big tub is $9....those salads get very pricey..I know I pay $14.99 for a lb at Utopia Bagels in Queens for whitefish salad. The Gold coast salads are pretty good..a little salty, but not bad at all---definitely fresh tasting...and would work out more economically for a group. Love the bagels from Utopia in Queens, so can't speak for bagels in Brooklyn--but since you've got a costco--perhaps buy the salmon and whitefish salad there--and then get the rest of the stuff at the bagel place...I personally don't buy egg salad anywhere...it's so easy to make and you know it will be very fresh--for tuna salad--whole foods makes a good tuna salad-or again, just make it yourself--the tuna from trader joe's or whole foods is good quality...throw some mayo in--chopped celery or carrots--mayo, bit of rice wine vinager, salt, pepper, you're done.....you need to siice tomatoes and onions anyway...so, why not just do the other stuff--save some dough and it will taste a lot better? Just my 2 cents.

              Utopia Bagels
              19-09 Utopia Pkwy, Queens, NY 11357

              1. I am a fan of Fairway, in general, but the bagels I've gotten there were shockingly not worthy. Considering that they clearly know what they are doing in appetizing, it surprised me that they were calling these things bagels (and I'm not all that much of a bagel snob). This was a couple of years ago and maybe they've seen the light.

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                1. re: JonL

                  Yeah I felt the same way about Fairway's bagels. But I had some recently and they were pretty good at the time. Maybe it's good day/bad day thing.

                2. I hate to send you out of the borough, but for top notch appetizing in close range to Cobble Hill, wouldn't it be easiest to go to Russ & Daughters? It's just a few stops on the F train. Delicious salmon, white fish, sturgeon etc. Get your bagels and cream cheese elsewhere, though... They kill you on the little things.

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                  1. re: mike11217

                    +1 on Russ & Daughters.

                    I like the bagels at Terrace (I usually get the "mini" there) but the rest of there stuff--fish, salads etc are not great.