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Feb 5, 2011 06:47 AM

Le Creuset 3 1/2 qt low oval @ Amazon for $97.75

Free shipping too. If you want one, grab it, as Amazon's prices change in the blink of an eye. Scroll down. In Cassis, Dune, Red, and Cobalt at that price. Says it doesn't ship for one or two months though.

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  1. Thank you for posting blondelle, I just placed an order for a Cherry Red. I'll think about what I'll use it for while I'm waiting for 1 - 2 months. (^^)

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    1. re: akehost

      You're very welcome. I would get one if I didn't already have the 3 1/2 qt. round wide one and the 5 qt. oval. It's a great size and shape for so many things and a nice roasting pan too without the lid.

      1. re: blondelle

        I agree that it's a great size to have, and besides, during my move from HI to TN last summer, my precious 4 pieces of LC, 2qt Dune round, 2 3/4 qt Dijon oval, 3 1/2 qt Azure Blue round, and 3 1/2 Black Satin braiser were lost and remain unfound. So at least I hope I can justify buying this new piece to cheer me up!

        1. re: akehost

          My mom has the same shape and loves it for cooking a long fish fillet in it.
          sorry for hearing the lost LCs. I am also slowly relocating to another continent. I was so hesitant to ship my three lager LCs in a container .... While the packing people were working, I watched over how they do their job with my LCs and other cookware. They must have thought I am crazy :) Fortunately nothing happend and they landed safely.... hope the moving company you worked with can do something for you.... Wish you a good luck.

          1. re: hobbybaker

            Thank you hobbybaker for your kind words about my lost LCs and I'm glad you got your beloved pieces after the move. We're still negotiating with the moving company but I miss my 3 1/2 qt. round in the discontinued color, Azure Blue. I should have packed it in the suitcase and hand-carried it
            I wish you all the best in your life in the new continent.

            1. re: akehost

              The LC outlet stores had a sale last month on the Azure. I think it was 30% or 35% off. Some people got cards for 40% off. Even if you don't have one call and tell them what happened and maybe they will give you the 40% if they have any left. It's free shipping over $100 so call around. Here's a link to the outlets.


              1. re: akehost

                I know how you miss your 3.5 qt round. The size is quite useful to my daily cooking for two. As a matter of fact, I still have smaller two LCs with me here. 3.5 qt and 2.0 qt rounds. I am still in transition traveling back and forth but totally agree with you for transporting by myself into cabin for my next trip: ) The security will surely ask what I am carrying but I won't be ashamed :) Hope you will get things replaced somehow soon. As blondelle's excellent recommendation, LC outlet people will help you if they know what happend to your Azure .. Good luck!

      2. Pretty much a perfect wedding present? Normal price on these is $130.

        1. Blondelle isn't kidding about the "blink of an eye" price changes on Amazon. I ordered this last night at the $97.75 price and this morning it's already back to $130. I feel a little silly ordering this after declaring earlier that LC wasn't worth the price premium over the knock-offs, but I've decided that I'm not getting any younger or stronger and the weight difference--LC is much lighter--may push me over the edge.

          Amazon's page doesn't have a photo of this item. I hope their written description is accurate on a couple of points: it's described as having a stainless knob, and as being 5" deep. I'm sure that includes the lid and knob, so I'm curious what the depth of the actual body is. I'm buying this primarily to make the no-knead bread. I like the loaf size in my 3.5 qt. Kitchenaid round DO but I'd also like to make a more oval loaf for easier slicing. I've got a spring shower and wedding coming up so if the Amazon purchase arrives and I decide it's not a good size for the NKB I'll use it as a gift--good idea, jaykayen.

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          1. re: luvsummer

            luvsummer, 3.5qt oval LC is 3.5 inch deep based on the data previously posted at WS when they still sold this size/shape last year. So, I guess the 5 inch described at Amazon includes the hight of the knob. FYI, 3.5 qt round LC is 4 inch deep. Also, 3.5 qt wide round is 3.3 inch deep based on the info I have. Hope it helps.

            Yes, I also like LC lighter than knock-offs and Staub, which is better for things you need to put in/out of the oven and particularly for larger size DOs.

            1. re: hobbybaker

              Thanks, that's helpful. Since my KNB comes out well in the 3.5 qt. Kitchenaid, which is 4" deep, I suspect an oval at 3.5" deep would work. We'll see. I like the Kitchenaid, and at that small of a size the weight isn't much of an issue. But I was very surprised to realize my 5 qt. Martha Stewart, which was a gift, is actually heavier than my old 7.25 qt. LC. I can't imagine what a bigger Martha Stewart would weigh. The walls are about double the thickness of the LC. I wonder why Williams Sonoma gave up the wide oval. Sur la Table still carries it, but their website doesn't give measurements. It does show it with a phenolic knob, not stainless, so I wonder if the amazon description is accurate.

              1. re: luvsummer

                Luvsummer, My LC 3.5 qt round is also 4 inch high. I had good results for KNB with it although I tried it only a handful of times. Thank you for the info that 5qt Martha is that heavier than 7.25 qt LC. It is a valid point why some prefer LC to others. I am small and weak and avoid heavy lifting :)

                Just FYI: 3.5 qt OVAL (not wide oval) has also 4 inch height.

                For many cases, people buy only one DO and the shape, oval and wide or the smaller size, may not be their fist choice. Maybe that is why WS discontinued the shape and also 3.5 wide round before. But those shapes/size is useful for people, like my mom and you, who have specific use/wish in their mind. She uses the vessel for potato gratin etc, casserole dishes, too. I love my 6.75 wide round because of the larger bottom surface.

                I suspect the Amazon's stainless knob might be wrong but we will see. (My mom has a dune with a black knob.) If you bake the KNB in the 3.5 qt wide oval, please post the difference of the endproducts you notice, between the LC and The KA.

                In Europe, where I am moving slowly to, good breads are so cheap and bakeries are at every corner; so I am not that motivated to bake by myself anymore but many people including me will appreciate your feedback :)

          2. Last month I ordered the LC 3.5 quart wide oval French oven from Amazon when it was priced at $97.75 and I just got the package today. It's the WIDE oval not the regular oval so it's not as deep as I expected. It's just short of 3.5 inches tall (see attached pic). I know it's my own fault for not looking carefully at the dimensions when I ordered it. Contrary to the description on the product page, the pot lid has the black phenolic knob not the stainless steel knob. I haven't decided if I will keep the pot or not.

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            1. re: marysf

              Yeah, that's the piece Sur La Table's been flogging for a few months now. It's too shallow to roast a chicken - too shallow, in fact, to do much with. It's a good deal, but the piece doesn't seem to be worth it.

              1. re: marysf

                I ordered this, too, when Blondelle posted it. Then a couple of weeks later I was in Marshall's and bought a 2.75 qt. regular oval for a little cheaper, so I canceled the Amazon order. I was a little sorry later I did, since the 2.75 qt. may be a little small. So far I've just used it for no-knead bread, it's a nice size to do an elongated loaf. If I were you I'd contact Amazon and complain that the item isn't as described, see if you can convince them to send you the stainless knob.