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Feb 5, 2011 04:40 AM

Can I grind whole bean coffee in the food processor?

I bought a 3 lb bag of coffee at Costco and forgot to grind it on the way out. (I hate it when that happens!) Can I grind it in the food processor. If so, any tips?

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  1. Go ahead, especially if you're curious what grinding a box of wood screws sounds like in your fp. Besides, it really doesn't work. Get a cheap blade grinder.

    1. I've done that -- take it back in with your receipt...they'll chuckle and let you go back and grind it.

      1. Hi nojunk,

        I won't do it for many reasons. First, you cannot really do it effectively. By design a food processor is not meant to grind food finer. It is designed to chop coarsely. Second, it hurts the food processor blade. Third, coffee beans favor will linger in your food processor for a long while. It is best to use a coffee grinder.

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          Coffee beans are not harder than food processor blades (they BETTER not be, as that would be a serious defect in the blade), so they won't hurt the cutting edge at all ...but should they get wedged under the blades, I suppose they could bend them a little.)

          Blade damage isn't the biggest risk here...having half-ground meal because the blades spin higher than a bean resting at the bottom of the work bowl is.

        2. I tried this once when my grinder conked out. All I can say is DON'T. The coffee never got fine enough to extract a decent brew.

          Get a grinder or take it back.

          1. Ok, y'all convinced me. I was just trying to avoid a return trip to Costco on Superbowl weekend, but if I gotta go I gotta go! Thanks for all of the good info & warnings.

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            1. re: nojunk

              Grinding at the store is just as ridiculous as grinding it in a food processor. Those coffee beans you pre ground will go stale in 15 minutes. Picture a sliced apple on your countertop and count the minutes until it starts turning brown.

              1. re: nojunk

                You can just take it into any supermarket that has a grinder and do it there. If the cashier asks why you have it in your cart, just tell him/her. Chances are s/he won't care and it's easier to get forgiveness than permission. I've done it with a one-pound bag that fit into my handbag. Another time, I took the beans to a Dunkin Donuts that I frequent and asked the clerk if she would mind grinding it, which she agreed to do without hesitation.

                1. re: greygarious

                  Especially recommended if you crave a healthy dollop of stale coffee grounds from the store machine in your otherwise fresh coffee. Hopefully your grocery store doesn't profile people with pound bags of coffee in their purses as suspicious.