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Where can I buy dried Ogo in the Seattle area?

Actually, I live in Lynnwood, but I can go North or South or East as necessary.
I am trying to get ingredients for Tuna Poke.
Can anyone recommend a substitute for Ogo?

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  1. Uwajimaya

    600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

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    1. re: Charles

      thanks. what section? i've looked in the dried seaweed/nori section. didn't see it there.

    2. Central Market in Mill Creek sometimes has the Poke Mix packets from NOH that has Hawaiian salt, Ogo, sesame seed & chili pepper. I'm not sure if they have just Ogo but they have the best Hawaiian section. They also sell Ahi Poke but it doesn't have Ogo, still pretty good. They sell all the Redondo products too as well as other Pocho sausage.

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        thank you. it was the NOH Poke mix that started my search for Ogo. the little bit of hawaiian salt, red pepper flakes seemed awfully expensive in the mix packet. lol. i guess one is paying for the Ogo.
        i will plan a trip to mill creek soon.

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          I found something online (from a couple of years ago) that said NOH also packaged Ogo by itself.

          However I don't see it here: http://www.nohfoods.com/products.htm

          here's the mix at a good price

      2. Give Mutual Fish a call. I recall seeing various poke components there.

        1. I'm assuming you have already checked Ranch 99 and Pacific Market but if not, those would be likely suspects, I know Ranch 99 has Taro root and Luau leaves which is pretty hard to find. If I find them somewhere I will post soon.

          1. Saar's market on Rainier Ave South and Henderson has it. I saw it last week.

            1. Hi,

              Since this is now Oct 2013, I don't know if you were able to find it but you can order NOH Dried Ogo (Seaweed) 1 oz from www.nohbetter.com. It also has the family sized Poke Mix that has 2 oz of mix, a lot more than the .4 oz in the smaller packets.

              I'm from Hawaii originally and I've found that there's a similar, if not the same, type ogo seaweed in our local waters (see photo). It's a somewhat thicker and longer variety that can be dried and stored just like the ogo from NOH in Hawaii. And yes, there is a substitute. There's another local seaweed that I've used in making poke but I don't have a photo of it nor do I know it's name. Sorry, but hope the previous info helps.

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                thank you! i had heard that Noh had dried ogo, but i was unable to find it on their website. i have used their poke mix and have found it quite acceptable, but i can make poke with my own hawaiian sea salt, red chile flakes, sesame oil, etc. my only challenge was the ogo.
                i know this might be heresy, but i have used the green seaweed salad as a subsitute for ogo and i did not receive hardly any complaints.