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Feb 4, 2011 05:44 PM

Twist vs. E by Jose Andres

I have to chose one. Can't have both. Just the way I am scheduled.
Which would you choose?
I should mention that I have eaten at Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. But the experience was ruined by an obnoxious woman sat at the table next to us.
Also, I loved Alinea and The Fat Duck. And since my hopes of eating at elBulli was dashed forever. E does sound fun.

Help me!

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  1. I'll go ahead and mention that, yes, I have a reservation at E. So it is in play.

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    1. re: Heeney

      Caveat - I haven't been to Twist (looking forward to my first visit in June) but I have been to E. It's incredibly fun, and delicious to boot.

      If it helps at all, I found the food at Alinea to be a slight notch above E, but the experience at E is unmatched.

      Since you have reservations at E, I would say stick with them. They're a tougher table to get than Twist, and with their limited seating it may be that way for the foreseeable future. And you can always dine at Twist on your next trip to Vegas.

    2. I recently dined at both restaurants on back-to-back nights and can definitively, without a doubt, state that é is the better restaurant. Every single dish was perfection. Every bite was a revelation.

      If I had to state why the meal is so incredible, it would be that the painstaking, time-consuming techniques needed to create each dish, and the presentation of each, never got in the way of the actual food. You get the sense that they have figured out how to best capture exactly the taste they want you to experience, and then delivered on that precisely. Not a drop more sauce on your plate than required.

      At Twist, I got the sense that technique and presentation were dictating the food. Too much sauce, too much technique, too much experimentation for experimentation's sake. Had I gone to Twist without having just been to é, I probably would have enjoyed my meal and felt comfortable recommending it to friends who are "advanced eaters." However, since I had just gone to é, I was disappointed and couldn't stop thinking about how much better our meal the previous night was and what a genius Jose Andres is.

      é is truly a remarkable restaurant, with impeccable service, jaw-droppingly delicious food and flawless presentation. If you can get in, you must go.