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Feb 4, 2011 03:12 PM

Funky Good! Broward or Boca/Delray

Any suggestions? Good Service, Good Food, Not stuffy!

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  1. Our visitors seem to be on a Funky theme here recently!

    "Looking for a funky cafe/restaurant in Broward. Good service/great food."

    I think you might get more responses if you narrowed things down a bit. Type of cuisine? Outdoors? What kind of group of people are you - number, age? Alcohol important? Lunch/Dinner?

    Or better yet: Where have you been that you liked - and didn't like - and why. That'll provide fuel for a good discussion and show that you're willing to contribute as well. Broad generic questions often get ignored I think because 1) they are broad and generic and 2) they show the writer hasn't done any homework in advance of asking other readers to help them out.

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      You are right I have posted b4 and am not getting quite what I am looking for. I need to be a little more specific. Looking for "meal type" foods, not burgers & sandwiches. Type of cuisine: prefer American w/ a twist, but also love ethnic. Outdoors would be great, but not a priority. Love little "hole-n-the-wall" places. Lunch or Dinner.
      Haven't been to too many places that bring me back twice other than "chains", mainly because you know what to expect.

    2. Try DaDa in Delray. Old house, lots of outdoor seating, updated comfort food (all good), good drinks, the most tattooed/pierced wait staff on the planet, good music, super laid back, moderate prices. FUNKY GOOD.

        1. re: smartie

          You can't get more "funky" than Bamboo Fire. Great food also.

        2. 11th Street Annex in Fort Lauderdale (it's a house that two ladies serve food to a few customers in the living room out of mostly things they grew in the backyard), DaDas in WPB (another house converted into a restaurant... scenic), Meal in a Pie in Oakland Park, FL. (a store but you can buy and eat there at their one table for two). Rock n Roll Ribs in Coconut Creek, FL. (owned by the Iron Maiden drummer), Sweat Records (a record store) next to Churchills Pub has an interesting vegan Sunday Brunch in Little Haiti, Miami, FL. Also Bozo's in Sailboat Bend, a burger stand that has homemade soulfood on Fridays) in Fort Lauderdale and My Market in Fort Lauderdale. (secret gourmet sandwich shop behind a convenience store. best drink and chip selection, too)


          Little Haiti Restaurant
          34 NE 54th St, Miami, FL 33137