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Feb 4, 2011 12:33 PM

Is cream cheese past use date safe?

Discovered an unopened 8 oz box of Philly brand cream cheese in the cheese drawer of my fridge. 2 months past use date. Think it's still OK to use? Looks OK, but haven't tasted it since I have no idea what it should taste like on it's own. I only use it in baked goods.

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  1. You don't have to taste it, if it doesn't have any colors growing on it it's fine. The date at manufacture is at least 6 months so it's not a delicate item.

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      agreed, the manufacturer date is no indication whether the product is edible or not. As long as it's not moldy, turned color, or flavor change, it's fine

    2. I had an old unopened box from Christmas--so, not as old as yours--that had gone bad. It was an off color, slightly beige. The tiny taste I took was horrible, but it didn't make me sick.

      1. Yep, if it looks pure white, and doesn't smell 'off' or funky, it's fine.

        1. It's fine. It may be apt to grow gray-green mold faster once you open it than would a just-bought bar, but that's no problem if you use it right away. Personally, I cut off the mold when it happens on partially-used bars or tubs of cream cheese I've been storing and go full speed ahead without ever having reason to regret doing so.

          1. Thanks everyone. Husband tasted it and didn't notice anything off so I'll give it a go.

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              LOL, I love that you use your husband as a taster!