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Feb 4, 2011 12:26 PM

Manchester / Leeds - anyone out there?

I've lurked on this forum for a while now and noticed it seems to be getting increasingly Londoncentric. Is there anyone out there interested in Leeds and Manchester chowhounding?

I haven't seen any regular contributors I can think of other than Harters (whose posts are great but probably more upmarket than most of my dining, I'm thinking more JFores style cheap ethnic eats).


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  1. Harters abandoned us, which was a shame as he was one of the few regulars who lives up North. I'm sorry there aren't others to help you out. Maybe we should spread the word about this site to people who are in university and looking for the cheaper, ethnic eats.

    1. I'm in Liverpool - and I don't think the boards are increasingly Londoncentric - thay have always been that way!

      I haven't been to Leeds for years and don't go to Manchester very often, but I have one or two pointers for you.

      There are several Pakistani cafes in the Northern Quarter of Manchester - a couple are on Hilton St and Thomas St, off Oldham St - and they do decent home-cooking-style food at great prices. £3.50-4.00 for a taste of three curries and rice. Al-Faisal and This 'n' That are two, and there is another whose name I can't remember - it begins with a Y and is next to a Lebanese restaurant. Most, if not all, of these cafes close at about 5pm, and none of them serve alcohol or allow it on the premises - just jugs of tap water on the table.

      The Lebanese restaurant I mentioned above is another gem - it's called the Cedar Tree, the food is great, good value and it is bring your own wine, which keeps costs down.

      Red Chilli (serving Sichuan food) is great - and huge portions, so is good value when you get to know that a dish for £9 feeds two or three people. Red n Hot is also a Sichuan place which gets good reviews. Some Sichuan dishes are very spicy though, so beware if you are not used to it.

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      1. re: Theresa

        Thanks zuriga1, John (Harters) actually e-mailed me in response to this post which was nice of him.

        Thanks Theresa, I've been to most of your recommendations and agree with them all. Yadgar is the rice and three place next to the Cedar Tree. It's my favourite out of those places.

        I love Red Chilli but haven't been to Red n Hot yet. Will check it out. Hunan in Chinatown is another one worth checking out.

        1. re: NorthernFood

          Sorry I couldn't give you any new info though!

      2. Have you tried eating in Bradford. Lots of nice Hot spicy food from Akbars etc.

        1. I am a lurked too

          Can second the rec's of the Northern Quarter 'curry cafes' with their rice and three. I was a regular at the This an That when I worked at the Coop. Some of my regular haunts are Jasjasjas Lebanese deli in Cheadle, and The Three Fishes up in Mitton nr Clitheroe

          Anyone tried the stalls in the new Arndale Market?

          The Northern Quarter Restaurant & Bar
          108 High Street, Manchester M4 1HQ, GB

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          1. re: portseven

            Leeds still does very well for Ethnic food.
            Corner cafe on Burley Road is very poplular in Leeds at the moment and is getting lots of plaudits for returning to its high level of a few years ago. One of the few Indian restaurants in Leeds as opposed to Pakistani and Bangladeshi.
            I have had some awesome meals in the last year at Bird which is situated in The alea Casino. A bit out of the way at Clarence Dock but wiorth the visit and suprisingly good value. The nice thing about BIRD is the menu is a refreeshing change from the usual menu choice in many Indian restaurants.
            Akbars in the city centre is good for a fun night out with a bustling atmosphere. Always busy. they have 2 branches. One on Greek street which I have been to and one on Eastgate which many friends say they prefer to Greek street branch.
            Aargrah have a swish branch next to BBC buidling opposite the Bus station where we have had some fine meals. My brother has been to Prashad in Bradford which recently featured on TV in a Gordon Ramsay programme . He rated this so I am going to go and check this out and report back.

            1. re: manfromdelmonte

              Nazma,s on Chapeltown Road, is a family run and orinitated curry house, not licensed so bring your own tipple,
              I have been going 20 years, since I moved on from TheCorner Cafe, grat value quality food in a welcoming atmosphere, always freshly prepared and served piping hot. Will give the CC a revisit and check it out again-but my heart is with Nazma's

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