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Feb 4, 2011 12:25 PM

ventilation for a wolf gas range

I am thinking of purchasing a wolf R304 gas range. I currently have a Braun 3 speed hood that is vented outside. Is that adequate ventilation for this range?

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  1. You will need somewhere in the range of 900 - 1200 cfm for the hood. If you can find out the cfm for your hood you have your answer.

    1. All I can tell you is that, for all the pro-style ranges with beefy burners throwing 12-15,000 BTUs++, I believe you need a hood that is vented outside (check) and moves at least 500-600 CFM (cubic feet/minute). Braun is a brand that offers those, but you need to check specifically. I had an 800 CFM fan on a DCS, which was great; now have a 500 CFM fan on a Capital, and I would say it is adequate.

      1. My Braun vents at 250 cfm at its highest speed. What are the dangers of inadequate ventilation besides a smelly kitchen?

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're combusting a fossil fuel. Although in a perfect world, the combustion of natural gas is one of turning methane into carbon dioxide and water vapor, the reality is that natural gas has small amounts of other compounds, and it does not always combust completely. Some of the non-methane components include radon, toluene and benzene. Incomplete combustion leads to soot, a cause of asthma and eventually, cancer. So I turn on the vent every single time I use the gas range, and let it run for a few minutes before I turn on the gas, and a few minutes afterward.

        2. if you are going with Wolf, go with Wolf! Your Wolf dealer will match your oven/cooktop with the appropriately sized Wolf vent so you get the right ventilation. No more - no less. Do it right from the beginning. Don't do anything half -***ed if you are going to spend the money for a Wolf range oven to begin with.

          1. Dear awikdoc,

            We thought we could be of some assistance. On the Wolf R304 range, we recommend a minimum 600 CFM blower. A 30" wide ventilation hood should be adequate, though a 36" wide unit will offer more capture area. Venitlation hoods operate best when vented externally. We do however offer a recirculating kit for our Low Profile Wall Hoods linked below that can be used for the R304 unit. I have also included links to additional Wolf ventilation options.

            Low Profile Wall Hood (Recirculating Kit option)

            Pro Wall Hoods

            Pro Wall Chimney Hoods

            If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this or any other issue, please contact us directly. You can contact us via phone Mon-Fri. 8:00-5:00 CST at 800-222-7820. We can be reached via email at


            Customer Care Team
            Sub-Zero/Wolf Appliances