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Feb 4, 2011 12:19 PM

Bordeaux Recommendation for a Very Special Meal

I will be visiting Bordeaux in March to celebrate my 50th birthday. Since I was born in 1961 I intend to drink a bottle of 1961 Bordeaux on my birthday with dinner and am looking for a very special place to eat that evening. We are currently planning to stay in downtown Bordeaux, but can change that if need be or can travel up to 50 KM or so for a really special place.

Based on the recommendations of my tour guide and its 1 er rating I made dinner reservations at Le Chapon Fin, but now am having second (and third) thoughts about it based on what little I have read here and other places. Chowhounders can always be counted on for good recommendations so I asking for some advice now. Based on recs from a while ago am considering Le Pavillon des Boulevards and have also looked into Le Saint-James, Le Grande Vigne, or have even considering driving up to Cordeillan-Bages.

Appreciate any advice. I want this to be a very memorable meal to go along with a very memorable wine.

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  1. I was in Bordeaux for my 60th this fall and my husband and I dined at Le Pavillon des Boulevards. My goodness,what an amazing meal it was! It was several months ago so I can only tell you that the restaurant was very romantic, but in a modern way. Beautiful space,table settings and service. No tourists at all, if this matters to you. I heard them talking about the fact that they were going to be open for two more years only. I totally recommend it. Also, as a side note, I have never seen a town more dedicated to chocolate. I particularly recommend a store to you across the square from the opera house. It is on a corner, next door to a very fancy hotel. The chocolatier was awarded the highest award for his work- Meilleur Ouvrier de France. It is jaw dropping. But wander around the town a bit-great chocolates, bread,patisseurs and even a shop dedicated to macarons only, with 10-15 varieties . A beautiful town too !! Enjoy...

    1. "can change that if need be or can travel up to 50 KM or so for a really special place"

      A resto whose name I have tattooed is just 55 km away on the route Pauillhac - Le Lion d'Or in Arcins. In Pti's words: "avorite restaurant in the whole Western world".

      1. Again a drive from Bordeaux and might be a bit far but I had a great meal in St Emillion at Hotel de la Plaissance. Very formal but the fois gras lasagna remains as s a wonderful memory.

        1. Gabriel's has a bistro & a gastronomy dining room.

          La Tupina

          Le Chapon Fin

          I have not eaten at any of the above, but Chapon Fin does have a website in English.

          Cordellian Bages & Sauce Caudalie are out of the City.

          La Belle Epoque, where I have eaten three times. Beautiful dining room, very helpful staff & tasty food.

          I look forward to reading about your experience in the region,

          Bon Apetit