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Where can you buy brioche bread?

I'm dying to try brioche bread. Does anyone know of a bakery that sells it?

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  1. Brioche (as it's usually called, rather than "brioche bread") is sold at lots of finer bakeries. Brioche is typically sold in two forms: a small roll, and a large rectangular loaf. It's very rich and egg-y, and typically is very light (i.e. not dense).

    Off the top of my head, I can think of two places where I've seen brioche, but I'm sure it's sold in lots more, especially French bakeries. Fox & Obel downtown sells brioche in both forms - small rolls, and a brioche loaf - and they just about always have it. Like all their baked goods, it's superb. The loaf also makes great French toast.

    The other place I know usually carries it is Fresh Market in Wilmette, which has it only as small rolls. Fresh Market is a chain and I suspect they carry it in their other locations (Chicago-area locations also include Kildeer, Geneva, and Lake Forest).

    Some other places that sell French breads and MIGHT sell it, but I haven't actually verified this, include Floriole (Chicago/Lincoln Park), Vanille Patisserie (ditto), Fritz Pastry (Chicago/Lakeview), and Alliance Bakery (Chicago/Wicker Park). Call before going!

    You'll also find some places mentioned in this previous discussion:

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    1. Red Hen on Milwaukee Ave. It's divine. Make French toast with the day-old leftovers...

      1. They have brioche at M. Henry in Andersonville. I saw it at the take-out counter this morning. They had two types: traditional round brioche rolls that were enormous, the largest ones I've ever seen, and brioche bostock, made with almond paste. www.mhenry.net

        1. You can get it at the whole foods by North/Clybourn

          1. Nsxtasy's point is well taken, Fox & Obel sells good bread, brioche and many other varieties, and they start baking at sunrise, 8 am until noon is a good time to buy. Swedish Bakery at Clark & Balmoral sells brioche in large rolls, and they also sell brioche loaves, which they simply call "egg bread". 3 types are available, plain, crust dressed with sesame seeds, and crust dressed with poppy seeds, all excellent.
            Trader Joe's sells brioche in the form of large hamburger buns, 6 to a bag. Very tasty, but I'm sure they don't bake these on the premises. That said, I don't recall buying a bag that wasn't fresh.

            You shouldn't have any trouble finding brioche, but phoning ahead of time is wise, because quantities baked each day vary from one bakery to another.

            Swedish Bakery
            5348 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640

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              >> they also sell brioche loaves, which they simply call "egg bread". 3 types are available, plain, crust dressed with sesame seeds, and crust dressed with poppy seeds, all excellent.

              Most breads called "egg bread" are not brioche. Brioche typically features a higher butter content than other breads rich in eggs (such as challah).

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                While its true that most breads that are called "egg breads" are not brioche, they can be a good substitute, depending on what you want to use the brioche for and how much time or effort you want to use finding the real deal.

            2. Floriole Bakery on Armitage has an excllent briche. They also selll it at Green City Market.

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                Correction: Floriole is on Webster, not Armitage.

              2. Thanks for all the tips on where to buy brioche. I'll be enjoying it soon due to your suggestions.

                1. They sell loaves of brioche, as well as rolls, on Saturdays at Gerhard's Bakery in Lake Forest. www.gerhardsdesserts.com

                  They currently have brioche rolls (in the size and shape of hamburger buns) at Trader Joe's, too.