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Feb 4, 2011 11:32 AM

Lunch places along the Grande Allee during Carnaval?

While we're out enjoying the Carnaval du Quebec, we probably won't want to go to the Old Town, the Old Port, or even the Upper Town inside the wall to grab lunch at the many restaurants discussed on this forum. I realize there's a BBQ stand in the festival area, but I might need to get inside and defrost.

Are there places along the Grande Allee for a simple lunch, cuisine unimportant? Or if those places be packed, are there places along the side streets between the Grande Allee and the Rene-Levesque that are recommended?

Thank you for your recommendations.

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  1. Not sure if my answer arrives too late for you, but the Cosmos café at 575, Grande Allee, is pretty good.

    If you're into fast food and want to try poutine, there's an Ashton on Grande allée.

    Ashton (Chez)
    640 Allee Grande E, Quebec, QC G1R2K5, CA

    Cosmos Cafe
    575 Allee Grande E, Quebec, QC G1R2K4, CA

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      We ended up going to Chef Victor on rue St-Jean after wandering around for a while. The wild boar and duck burgers were interesting. You can have your burger (beef, porc, chicken, daikon, vegetarian) with poutine as well as frites or salad. Friendly energetic place that seems like the oft-searched for locals joint.

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        Sorry--autocorrect changed saumon (salmon) to daikon when I wasn't looking.

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          DominiqueP--thank you for the Cosmos Cafe! After standing in the snow and falling snow for ~2:30 hours at the St Hubert Derby, we were famished and frozen. Cosmos Cafe was the perfect antifreeze. The restaurant has a huge menu (including a small childrens menu). The vibe of the place is very hip and cool, but there were older couples, families, guys watching hockey at the bar and sweethearts. My husband had a duck confit with duck fat-fried potatoes and a poached egg (it works!) with a small green salad that was to melt for. I had a croque Monsieur on baguette and fries. It was served open-faced and a bit difficult to cut (very crispy) so I just picked it up as a sandwich.
          An added plus, free WiFi, topped off the meal. So glad we didn't have to walk down to rue St-Jean in the slippery muck on the sidewalks!