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Feb 4, 2011 11:08 AM

Super G Mart Charlotte Opening a Korean Restaurant

was just shopping there today and noticed a sign that they will open a Korean restaurant in the back (near the dairy goods). Hope it really happens!

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  1. That would be awesome! We need to have a Chowdown! I need to get out there this weekend because my sick daughter has burned through all of my cans of pho. Last weekend there were women giving out samples in the frozen food aisles. Made it a little tough to get through but the samples themselves were great. We're really loving their frozen edamame and dim sum.

    1. That would be awesome. Korean food can be pricey. At Super G it may be well priced. I hope!

      1. I just got back. There was an employee stocking shelves in the dairy area and I asked him if he knew when it would open he said he didn't. i peeked around the plastic sheeting and it looked a long way from complete but who knows.

        The pho place in the shopping center must be having some type of permit issue because it looks like it's completely ready to open.

        I have to say I am getting a little tired of one thing here and that is that so many of the cans are badly dented, which means I'd never buy them because it's easy for bacteria to get inside the tiny cracks that form when the cans are dented. I bought all the pho I could which was only three cans. The others on the shelf were in bad shape.

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          I have never seen Pho in a can. it must be good if you buy it. Please tell me more about it. Meat? Noodles?

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            It's called Pho Bac Nuoc Leo beef soup and it's just soup. If you've never seen it at Super G it's because I buy it all. They sell all lkinds of noodles on the next aisle so pick your favorite. (If it says to add a full can of water on the can, I can't find it but I found out the hard way the first time I tried it that it's intensely concentrated). Then just add whatever you'd normally have in pho.

        2. Nice. I'll try not to complain about the lack of Korean food here anymore! If only they weren't all on the east side....J/K I'll drive for it.

          1. It's opened! I was there yesterday and noticed it has opened. I had just had a Smoky Joe bagel at Katz's and was full but I looked around. The ordering process looks intimidating. Anyone been?

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              I wish I had gone to that corner of the store. Was there but didn't smell any delicious smells coming out.