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Feb 4, 2011 10:34 AM

Poultry other than chicken or turkey

When I visited farmers markets in France, I saw farmers selling all sorts of birds.
Do you ever cook anything other than chicken or turkey? Do you cook birds like quail, pheasant and squab at home?

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  1. Duck, goose, and game hen are commonly found in American supermarket freezers. Upscale supermarkets and specialty markets carry other game birds. Many Chowhounders hunt their own game.

    I have roasted duck and game hens.

    1. Never attempted the birds you mentioned. I have roasted a duck though (whole duck and duck breasts) with wonderful results. The duck fat alone is worth the effort!

      1. Enjoy hunting grouse, woodcock and pheasant along with the occasional quail. Quail and grouse are the easiest and more forgiving to roast.

        Had I access to them, I would happily bag a few well-rasied pigeon, duck or goose. Very fun to cook very fun to eat. More so when you have regular access. Makes it less of a daunting prospect.

        1. Have done duck, goose, squab (pigeon), partridge (quail) and pheasant but we are fortunate to be surrounded by hunters and my brother who raises many birds (and rabbits but that is a different topic).

          1. Duck is on the menu almost as often as chicken -- I buy it by the case, both whole and breasts.. Quail relatively frequently, squab & pheasant occasionally due to their priciness. Did Christmas goose years ago but switched to prime rib.

            Seldom if ever use cornish hens -- not sure why.