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Feb 4, 2011 10:32 AM

Is there anywhere good to eat in Figueres?

We are taking a day trip/tour from Barcelona to see the Dali Museum. The tour operator does not include lunch, but on the website says that there are "many places to chose from".

Does anyone have any specific suggestions ( I searched the board and came up with nothing).


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  1. This place has quite a reputation, although I have never been:

    1. The restaurant of Hotel Empurda is probably the best in town. Otherwise restaurant Duran in the town centre used to be tops, but I have not been for a while. Mas Pau is very good (Michelin star), but a long way (4km) out of town

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        The link I posted above is the restaurant of the Hotel Emporda...

      2. If you are looking for somewhere which isn't necessarily the best in town or Michelin starred, then this link may help. It may not have come up in your search as it is a few years old now. Beware, I don't want to raise your expectations, only for you to have them dashed, but I have a feeling that it may have closed down now - we tried to go back on two occasions and they were closed. I think the second reply on this thread is referring to the same place, but I can't be sure.

        If you find this place open, or anywhere else good for lunch, please do report back, we would love to know of somewhere else to eat, as we sometimes pass through on our way to the airport at Girona.

        1. This may or may not work for you, but when we went to Figueres we took a picnic with us and ate it in one of the town squares. Picked everything up at a market the day before because we took an early train. Even brought a bottle of wine with us. It was an excellent thing to do.

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            You might just as well have bought your pinic in Figueres rather than carrying it with you :o). It has quite a few shops...

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              I'm sure it does. We went on a Sunday, actually, so not much was open.

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                  Oh no I understood. It was a wonderful day - Figueres looks cute but there wasn't much open besides the odd cafe and some uber-touristy spots near the Dali Foundation, so we were glad to have our little picnic lunch. I still dream about the jamon and manchego.

          2. This won't help the original poster, but if anyone wants a place near Figueres, try Mas Pau. Google it. Stay overnight and have dinner, you will not regret it. The next morning drive up to Besalu. A perfect day and night out of Barcelona.