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Do you have a pot rack in your kitchen?

The white appliances were 7 years old and it was time to upgrade ALL of them to stainless. Of course it was necessary to do that in order to match the recently acquired (and fabulous!) Tramontina 10-pc TriPly set and assorted All-Clad pieces. Ha!

And now that the appliances look great (not to mention their amazing functionality suited just to our needs, our house and our lifestyle), I want to display that cookware too. I have a 3' square antique butcher block with a 5' open skylight above it in the center of the kitchen. I'm thinking this vintage garden gate I found is the perfect square size from which to hang all those pots. I can even suspend a downlight above the gate. It's a plan in progress and I know it sounds unconventional.

Do you have a pot rack in your kitchen? Is it there because it looks good or is the functionality the best part of it?

Yay or nay on the pot rack? And thank you for your opinion!


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  1. Kellyegirl: I have a freestanding pot rack, more of an etagere. I have it for function, and to prevent pans from being damaged.

    I like your idea of an old garden gate. Things to consider: (1) Make sure you have stout enough anchor points, each one rated to hold more than the weight of your stuff; (2) Make sure you have enough attachment points so that you don't have to worry about the rack tipping because it's unbalanced: (3) Make sure you have high enough ceilings to make it work--you should be able to have good lines of sight under your "longest" pan; and (4) Unless you like washing your pans a lot, but your rack a bit of a distance away from your cooktop.

    Alas, I have too low ceilings and too-small kitchens to do this right.

    1. Had a pot rack hanging from the ceiling in a kitchen in my last house. And I needed it because there wasn't enough closed cabinet storage in the kitche. The rack wasn't that close to the range but it and everything hanging from it still collected dust and grease.

      I vote nay on the pot rack.

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        I have one because I live in a tiny house with a teeny tiny kitchen and there is not enough storage space. Mine is over the stove and while I like the looks and convenience--it's true that the pots always have grease and dirt on them. So it's a PITA but if yours is over a counter---go for it.

      2. Do it. I have two, an etagere type and a two foot steel bar mounted on a wall. They are way more functional than drawers or cupboards, and having cookware out makes a kitchen seem friendlier to me than a room of clean but bare surfaces. C

        1. I have a pot rack between the cabinets over my sink. It's all about function for me. They even drip into the sink!

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            Bada Bing... Nice. That's something I was thinking of doing. For me it would keep the pots away from the stove to minimize the grease from cooking. I have a condo with a galley kitchen that has an opening over the sink to the dining area. I'd rather keep them in a cupboard, but they just take up too much space.

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              You need, then, to think about putting the rack IN the cupboard: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/...

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                That is EXACTLY what I have as a set up. I have a tall pantry cupboard and removed the top two shelves. We installed those same hooks along a wood track we made. I was inspired by a pull-out pot storage unit by Thomasville:


                I also put some hooks on the side walls for spatter screens, smaller skillets, and large utensils like spiders, etc. When we get new cabs, I'm going to go with Thomasville just to get that cabinet!

                Yay - no dust or grease!

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                  Thanks E_M. That's cool.

                  My problem is just not enough space in an 8x8 galley condo kitchen. I already have roll out shelves in one of my lower cabinets to use the space better. Options I am considering are pot rack over the sink or on the end wall, and/or open stainless shelves on the end wall. I could fit 8" deep shelves without interfering with anything. Lee Valley has some nice kitchen shelf and storage systems but I don't see them on the website.

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                  Yes, I have no grease problems in this location. And obviously, I also don't worry about clutter. I like things that are often needed quickly to be exposed and ready to hand.

              2. I vote YAY on the potrack. I've had mine now for about 5years, it hangs from the ceiling, just left of my stove; I have it b/c I have a small kitchen and not a whole lot of storage space. I love mine!

                1. I've had one in a previous house (loved it), and would have one here if I had the space. The 'over the sink-between the cupboards' idea is blowing my mind right now. Dang. Excellent idea.

                  1. No potrack because my husband is 6 ft. 5! and I am 5 ft mumble something. He doesn't want one because he is worried about hitting his head, even over a sink or counter. If we could make it high enough to avoid his head, it would be too high for me to get pots off it! I also worry about dirt/grease and looking cluttered. But I have long kinda wanted one.

                    1. I vote yay--our kitchen doesn't have anywhere to hang one from the ceiling so we got a wall mount. It not only looks great but really helps with the storage space and it's so easy to just grab a pan instead of digging in the cabinets. It's not close enough to the stove to have the grease issue.

                      1. I'm so short that if I had one that was funtional for me, my 6'2" hubby would not be able to cook. (and we're NOT having that)

                        I have pot hooks in my pantry.

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                          I am 5'1". My husband is 6'3" (and doesn't cook).

                          I have to ask for help to get lots of stuff down and he's walked into my hanging pots a couple times. ...tho he has now caught on to what spot to walk around. ;>

                          I had a drawer installed in the kick space under a bank of cabinets for a flat step ladder.

                        2. A resounding Yay to the potrack. I've had one for over 10 years hanging over a butcher block island (not the stove). I HATE digging through cabinets for pots and these are easily accessible and I love the way it looks.

                          1. Hi all,

                            I vote no on the pot rack. Stuff gets greasy and dirty if it's up high where the cooking vapors waft. Can also be hard to get the pot off of whatever hook is involved.

                            The pots, pans and skillets I use most every day are stored partly under the microwave and the rest under the butcher block, on heavy industrial-type white vinyl coated shelving. Aside from a bit of dust on one really big lid (it covers my nest of SS bowls) everything stays nice and clean.

                            You can sorta-kinda get an idea from my avatar. The micro is to the left of the stove, the butcher block is towards the china cabinet.

                            OP, what's the base of your butcher block like?


                            1. I vote yay! on the pot rack. I've had one for several years now and I love it. I respect the other posters opinions who felt that the pots got too dirty and dusty hanging on the rack but to me the convenience of being able to see and grab what I need quickly and easily outweighs that. Also my pot rack is not hung near the stove so I don't have that much of an issue with the grease and dirt. I am in the (long slow) process of redoing the colors in my kitchen to a red and white color scheme and have bought a beautiful set of red pots which look awesome on my pot rack. My first choice for functionality plus I love the way it looks, would be a pegboard arrangement like Julia Childs' but I don't actually have the wall space for that. Love the garden gate idea too:)

                              1. I also vote no on the pot rack. First of all it adds to a cluttered look in the kitchen, but also there's a huge yuck factor with the dust and grease it collects (I am a germaphobe and would have to put a pot thru the dishwasher before I used it).

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                                  If you don't want one that's just fine. But, in practice, a pot rack is really for the things in constant use that get washed regularly so grease really doesn't accumulate.

                                2. I have a long, narrow galley kitchen with tall ceilings. A pot rack works perfectly for me. It's located in the galley aisle between the stove and counter but it doesn't get in the way because I'm the only kitchen user and I'm only five feet tall.

                                  It's near the stove but I have never had any grease at all on the hanging pots, maybe just a bit of dust if I don't use a specific pot for a few weeks, but I always wipe every pot off before I use it anyway.

                                  If I were taller, or the kitchen configured differently, the pot rack might not work, but in my case it's ideal.

                                  This is the rack I have: http://www.amazon.com/Calphalon-Hard-...

                                  1. Vote YAY, have a lot of copper and displays beautifully. Also adds a lot of space for other storage.

                                    1. I have 2. One is for maximum utility. It's a super cheap 11" Ikea cabinet handle mounted on the side of an upper cabinet next to my cooktop. I has my omlette and sauté pans. The other is really attractive iron hooks pounded into a ceiling beam on the other side of the cooktop. It has a series of iron S hooks from which hang my copper. Most of it is less used. The 3 I do use are the lowest hanging. All my other pans, roasters, dutch ovens, stock pots, etc. are in drawers. Works for me.

                                      Here's a pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/75667634...

                                      Another unique arrangement I saw when I was working my kitchen out was a simple bar (similar to my Ikea handle) mounted across the top of the inside of an upper cab (or an interior shelf depending on how high the cab was). The pans hung down inside the cab and the door could be shut on them. The advantage would be convenient proximity without the need to keep the exteriors of the pans scrubbed for constant inspection. It wasn't what I was interested in but I thought it was an imaginative solution.

                                      Adding that, when it comes to kitchen storage, drawers are about the best solution to almost every problem. I have my drawers behind cabinet doors so my kitchen looks very conventional but I bless the dish and pot drawers every time I have to pull something out or put something away! Even stacked inside a drawer everything is easily accessible.

                                      1. My pot rack resides under a butcher-block-top in a wrought iron table. Here you see it bare bones --
                                        the top is a regular fat heavy butcher block affixed to the metal. The rack holds much more than you see, I removed some pots and pans (and the wood top) for the pic. Very handy, compact. And I love that extra bit of counter space that is the chopping block.