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Feb 4, 2011 10:03 AM

Birthday cake for a crowd emergency help!

I'm in a bind! At the last minute a party for 10-12 has turned into a party for 30-40! You know it person tells their friend who tells another friend... word gets around, you feel bad about excluding people... and POOF! A 40 person guest list. I've solved most of the food issues by turning it into a a pot luck, but I'm still doing dessert and I need a large cake that will feed so many people. I don't want to fuss with a lot of layers so I'm thinking a sheet cake, and I'm willing to do a 2 layer one if I can find a recipe large enough. Cupcakes are an option, I suppose, but the party is tomorrow night (saturday night) and I'm short on time. suggestions please!

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  1. What about a Texas sheet cake? I don't have access to my recipes right now but I am sure you couldbgoogle it. They are quick to make, done in a sheet pan and delicious.

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      Texas sheet cake was my first thought, too. I like this recipe but I use strong coffee instead of water. I love that you can frost it while hot, too. Super fast and easy.

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        Exactly what went through my mind. I have never known anyone to not like that cake. And it is easy, Consider it retro, if you wish. If you make it, it will be eaten.

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        +1; first thing that came to mind. Yum.

      3. Don't fuss. We had the same dilemma last month but with fewer people. After everybody ate everything pot luck-wise one regular size pound cake in a bundt pan fed 24 people with about a third of the cake left over. Bake two simple cakes just to be sure and pick up a gallon of ice cream and you should be more than good to go.

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          I always overestimate dessert because no one else eats as much of it as I do.
          Don't fret.


          Try this recipe.. I've never made it but saw her make it on tv and it looked really good.

          It may be easier to use her cake recipe and use a simple buttercream frosting. Make both today and frost the cake before the party.

          1. As birdmonkey suggested, a sheet cake should fill the bill. I've never made it, but you might consider the recipe from The Pioneer Woman for "the best chocolate sheet cake. ever" - it serves 24:


            1. Brownies are always something easy and people love boxed brownies. Easy to whip up, you can also buy ice cream and make brownie sundaes.

              Another super easy thing is instant pudding and homemade whipped cream on layer cake.. You can top it with anything, crumbled candy bars/ banana, nuts and coconut.../ strawberries..

              You can buy cut and bake cookies and make ice cream sandwiches...

              also look in coupon books and and find some coupons and just buy something