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Feb 4, 2011 09:35 AM

Levain Bakery in Harlem

I heard Levain is opening a branch on West 117th St.

Any word?

Levain Bakery
167 W 74th St, New York, NY 10023

Levain Bakery
2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026

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  1. It's in the works, and from the outside, it looks close--all the equipment looks like it's in place, and there's even soap at the sink. The sign says only that it's opening in "early 2011." It's on Frederick Douglass, between 116th and 117th.

    In the meantime, I totally recommend Lee Lee's, which I love, and seriously hope will survive despite the competition to come and

    Lee Lee's Baked Goods
    283 W 118th St, New York, NY 10026

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      1. re: rose water

        Is Lee Lee's still around? I thought they closed last year?


        1. re: TipsyMcStagger

          Yep, still around. Closed for a couple months last summer, but now back up and running. That fact alone makes me worry that things are precarious, and I do really want them to survive.

          They also have pretty good hot vegan prepared foods Wed-Sun from 12 to 6 or 7.

        1. re: rose water

          Wooo, thanks for the update rose water.

          1. re: rose water

            well, there's again a new sign up--opening delayed a week, to tuesday 3/1

            1. re: rose water

              I called Levain and they confirmed that the Harlem branch opened today. I'll check it out after class.

              1. re: Riverman500

                Yup, they're open. Enormous cookies (comparable in size to their scones), lovely gooey soft texture, amazing buttery smells...and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie that was way too sweet for my taste. Though I'm glad to have them in the neighborhood, and though I'll definitely be back to sample their great looking brioche, I anticipate sticking with Les Ambassades and Lee Lee's

                1. re: rose water

                  The original Levain makes a brioche studded with chocolate chips. If it's the same version sold in Harlem, definitely try it. It's fantastic especially when still warm from the oven.

          2. Anyone know if Levain sells their cookies anywhere other than by mail order or in their storefronts? Are they carried in markets, for example (e.g., Dean & Deluca)?

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            1. re: crsin

              Their website,, has phone numbers for every location. Given 'em a call.

            2. Anyone know how the cookies hold up after being shipped? I'm thinking about sending some by 2nd day air, but nervous they'll get dry/stale.

              As an aside, any recommendations for other nyc-based (sweet) things that can be ordered/shipped for a gift? Levain shipping is extremely expensive...equivalent of $15/cookie once they've inflated the price of the cookies (I assume for packaging and whatnot) plus 2-day air.

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              1. re: crsin

                How about ruggalah from Zabar's? That should hold up well. Zabars ships all over.

                1. re: crsin

                  I get the cookies sent to me sometimes 2nd day air. They are still awesome. Shipping is expensive though so I always get 12 cookies...