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Feb 4, 2011 09:22 AM

Pinon Grill

At the town center mall in Boca Raton. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Yes. Been there a few times. Great decor, service can be spotty. Food is good though. I recommend the skirt steak with mango salsa.

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    1. re: GatorFL

      Free french toast that expires next sunday. I couldn't go, but maybe you can :D Please report back!

      1. re: OysterHo

        I like their ribs and asian coleslaw !

    2. I've been there a few times and had the eggs/crab cake benedict, the pecan crusted trout (twice), the ceviche, roasted artichoke, white chocolate bread pudding (or something like that) and the grapefruit mimosas are awesome! My dining partners have had the tuna burger, cheeseburger, regular eggs benedict and ribs. Everything was outstanding. I think this place is pretty solid.

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      1. re: OysterHo

        Im with you...Have you tried the Crab Fritters? or if they EVER have this as the special, the Scallops in the beurre blanc cant pass that up...

        1. re: SaminSFL

          I haven't had those, but they sound really good. I'm not much of a fritter person, but I do love scallops.