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Feb 4, 2011 08:59 AM

Farms in or near north NJ

Is there a really good farm that raise ducks and sell duck products?
I've been to a farm called Abma which is nice for a family outing with kids but I found their products to be way over priced.
I also heard about farms in NJ who make cheeses in small batches.
I am in bergen county but willing to travel to other parts of NY and NJ. A nice weekend trip to one of these nice farm sounds nice too.

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  1. There's a plethora of farms in Northwest, Central West, And south Jersey. But this is not the right time of year. A lot more information & publicity in the spring. (If this snow ever melts!)

    1. I wouldn't call it a farm, but of course, Goffle Poultry farm in Wyckoff has great duck.

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        LOL, this is why I love chowhound. Thank you.

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          Yes, when I was looking for guinea fowl back in the fall, someone recommended Goffle Farm. Sorry, Menton if that was you. Memory is not what it was.

        2. Valley Shepherd Creamery in Long Valley (past Chester going west) makes cheese. I hear it's very expensive but very good, although I haven't been there myself. Worth a trip to see, though, I'm sure - I'll be headed out that way this spring to take a look....

          1. Bobolink Farms (and Dairy) are a wonderful place to visit, but I wouldn't recommend a visit in this weather. Otherwise, they do have activities all year around. They are in Milford, NJ Here is their web site. Jonathan and Nina White.

            1. In Central NJ, we have The Griggstown Quail Farm, which is the purveyor of ultra-high quality poultry products to the more expensive restaurants in the NY/NJ area. In addition to quail, they raise pheasants, heirloom turkeys, and chickens, and they might raise ducks (I'm not sure about the ducks!). Their store sells a variety of poultry products, as well as soups and other items prepared by their CIA-trained chef.

              During the summer months, they also run a CSA, of which I am a member. Being able to get a large supply of organic produce each week at below-market prices is wonderful.

              The Griggstown Quail Farm is located in the Griggstown section of Franklin Township (Somerset County), but for some bizarre reason, their mailing address is "Princeton, NJ".

              Griggstown Quail Farm
              986 Canal Rd, Princeton, NJ