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Feb 4, 2011 08:49 AM

What to order at Golden Garden in Belmont?

I cannot find their menu online anywhere, and I appreciate the recommendation! What to people like to order there? (For me, the stranger the better...)

Golden Garden
63 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

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    1. Anything in the menu category labelled dumplings. So far I have had the Pork and Leek, the Chinese Vegetable and the Leek Vegetable Pie and they have all been great. Last time there we had the Fried Tofu and Chinese Cabbage in Spicy Sauce and it was outstanding, we could not stop eating it even though we were already full when it got there. The Chinese Spinach with Garlic was also excellent.

      1. I'd recommend going down there and picking up a menu to order - It's pretty clear from the menu what's the good stuff.

        I like in particular: sour cabbage with steamed bacon, cumin lamb, shredded bean curd with hot green peppers, shredded beef with cilantro, fried tofu in spicy chili sauce, preserved turnips w. pork, bamboo shoots w. spicy sauce - actually, I've liked everything we've ordered there except one american-chinese dish we ordered at the request of a friend we were eating with.

        1. We just had lunch for 14 delivered today. Every single dish was great. We had:

          Pork with Chinese Cabbage Dumpling
          Pork with Leak Dumpling
          Chinese Vegetable Dumpling
          Cucumber with Fresh Garlic
          Fried Tofu w Chinese Cabbage Spicy Chili Sauce
          Sauteed Cumin Lamb with Spicy Sauce
          Dried Chicken with Chili Sauce
          Meatballs with vegetables in Brown sauce
          Shredded Beef with Cilantro
          Shredded Pork with fresh bamboo shoots
          Chicken with salt and pepper

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              StriperGuy: Where do you work and can I come for lunch sometime?

            2. If you click on the chowhound link included in your posting - then click on "See Menu"... it will bring you to their menu.

              Or, you could click this:



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