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Feb 4, 2011 08:32 AM

Anyone Tried Wasabi Oil?

A friend turned me on to this a few years ago, and I find I really like it on a lot of things--grilled meat, salads, even pasta.

Does anyone use this stuff, and if so, on/in what?

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  1. I've never seen it, but will sure look for it. Sounds wonderful.

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    1. re: Nanzi

      Nanzi: I can't remember the brand, but it's definitely Japanese. Comes in a small (like 2-oz.) bottle, and the oil itself is almost colorless. I found it in an Asian specialty grocery store.

      1. re: kaleokahu

        I have some that I found at a Korean market, but have never tried it. Now I have to- thanks for posting this question :-)

      2. re: Nanzi

        If you can't find it try making your own chili oil. Heat EVOO (or regular olive oil of good quality) till hot but not boiling. Pour over fresh hot peppers (any kind - your choice) that have been slit open. Throw in some garlic cloves for good measure. Allow to sit on counter for a day or two, then refrigerate. My original recipe says to strain first but I do not and have not had problems with spoilage. Just set in a hot water bath for a few minutes before using to soften. Makes AWESOME fried taters and adds kick to fried chicken.

        I also make fire water in much the same way. Boil water, add garlic, sea salt, peppers, peppercorns, rosemary & thyme (fresh sprigs) and juniper berries. Allow to sit several days, then refrigerate. I keep adding more peppers and boiling water as I go along. Great in anything using water, Adds spice to rice, potatoes, pasta and soups.

        1. re: Handful

          Handful, I'm pretty sure there's a concern with garlic + oil, anaerobic environment, = botulism? Especially on the counter for a couple of days.

          Have to run for a few, I can look for a link later. Unless someone more knowledgeable is around?

      3. I love it. I use it on sauteed veggies over rice. It is HOT. I found it in a Korean market.

        1. Anyone have any idea how you could make it yourself? I regularly make infused oils with rosemary, basil, garlic, hot peppers, and many other things, and it seems like a similar process ought to work. Anyone know where you could purchase real wasabi (not in powdered form) to attempt this?

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          1. re: mdzehnder

            Can't help on availability, but grated fresh wasabi root is a whole different experience from the prepared stuff in a tube, not to mention that powdered version.

            I've heard that it's being grown in the Northwest now. Check some Asian markets.

            1. re: Akitist

              A friend's mom, who lives in Oregon, has managed to grow it near either a little stream or leaky faucet, I don't remember which. So it can be done up there. Commercial scale? Uncertain.

            2. re: mdzehnder

              Google it. You'll find lots of it on line at various prices. You want the Japanese stuff in the small 3.5 oz bottles with the red cap.

            3. It's powerful! It can bring tears to your eyes, but is it ever delicious. I use it every day on salad. Try a mix of fresh mint and baby arugala greens with thinly sliced sweet onion, like Vidalia, or red onion. I add a few cherry or grape tomatoes and half an avocado, cubed. Then I sprinkle maybe ten drops of the wasabi oil, max, ponzu (citrus soy sauce), and grapeseed oil. A little bit of white truffle oil is wonderful, too. My Chinese wife prefers hot dumpling sauce to the ponzu. This salad is fabulous! I invented it.
              Also, try this no butter or cream mashed potatoes. Mash some Yukon Gold or whatever you like and add chicken broth, salt and wasabi oil. It's actually low cal, but it's creamy and delicious, and great for lactose intolerant Asians, like my wife.
              You might try the wasabi oil with whipped cream cheese on smoked salmon or bagels and lox.
              Once you taste it, you'll come up with your own ideas. This stuff is fabulous.