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Feb 4, 2011 07:37 AM

Pork buns in lower Westchester

Does anyone know where I can get really good Chinese pork buns in lower Westchester? I had some a few years back from Chinatown that were AMAZING and can never find any that even come close. Thanks!

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  1. You might find some frozen ones at Kam Sen in the White Plains Mall (basement, close to DMV). Otherwise I get my pork buns at Central Seafood in Hartsdale, right next to the BestBuy store.

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    1. re: BAFU

      If you are looking for baked roast pork buns, then Kam Sen has them in their bakery.

    2. Jade Garden on Central Ave in Hartsdale has pretty good steamed pork buns all the time. Aberdeen in White Plains has them only when they serve Dim Sum.

      1. The baked ones at Kam Sen are excellent. Second only to Chinatown Hop Shing's classic.

        1. My DH and I frequent Chinatown and usually bring these back with us each time.
          Compared to our current favorite from Mei Lai Wah (or whatever they are calling themselves now) I haven't found any in Westchester to be quite as good. Kam Sen's are a little fatty and every time I've had them they were cold--too cold to enjoy without taking them home and heating them. The ones at Golden Village are passable but tend to have a lot of gristle.
          So you can get them up here, but I wouldn't classify any as "amazing".

          Golden Village
          365 Central Park Ave Ste 6, Scarsdale, NY 10583

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            mlw is the standard, aberdeen is high quality albeit more expensive. I'm not in love with kam sen's, as you note, they can be fatty and I've found some gristle from time to time. If you commute through grand central, there's a place about a block from gct that has passable baked pork bun..

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              Got a baked pork bun from Kam Sen a few days ago, heated it up and I thought it was pretty good. The filling was sweet, but not sickly, like you get with most crummy Chinese takeout buns. The roast pork actually tasted like roast pork and the stewed onions were nice touch.

              Anyone had any of Kam Sen's other baked goods, sweet or savory? How are they?

              1. re: kdgchow

                I got the pork bun on Saturday while it was still warm. Yes there are fatty bits but those are the best part! When I buy roast pork by the pound from the display, I always request pieces w/ fat on it. Other baked goods are very good as well. Hot dog buns, bolo (pineapple) buns, pork fu buns. My favorite is their "salt water" dumpling on the top counter display. It's savory minced pork in sweet glutenous rice that's deep fried.

          2. doesn't the chinese grocery megastore on central ave (same plaza as california pizza kitchen and the bird store) have a lineup of freshly prepared foods?

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              New Golden Village in Scarsdale is hardly a megastore. Kam Sen in White Plains is more of a megastore.

              Golden Village
              365 Central Park Ave Ste 6, Scarsdale, NY 10583