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Feb 4, 2011 07:12 AM

Looking for a Weekend's Worth of Eatieries in Richmond

A friend and I will be in Richmond for 2 nights and 2 days. Looking for casual places to eat near the historic district, and a nice restaurant for a Saturday dinner. Is Chez Lafouchee recommended by anyone? And, what about TJ's in the Jefferson Hotel. Thank you!

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  1. it's chez foushee. and i found it just ok. but that's just me.
    i like tj's but haven't been since they redid their menu. lemaire is a splurge but yummy as well. downtown restaurants that i think are good (guessing that's what you mean by near the historic district) include comfort and lulu's. neither fancy. both fun and good. there was a similar post to this recently you might want to search for as for some reason my brain is stumped today!

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      I recently had a really disappointing meal at Lemaire and wouldn't recommend it, except for their Friday night happy hour (you can find it on their web site, but it's something like 3 apps for $20 from 10-12 p.m. with drink specials, too). I've heard TJ's is better, but haven't tried it myself.

      I like Chez Foushee for lunch. They aren't open for lunch on weekends, though, so not sure what days you'll be here. If you go, get the lemon pie for dessert.

      For a fancier dinner, Julep's is my go-to suggestion. Great regional food and great service. I also recently had a fabulous nice meal at Bistro Bobette in the slip. Inventive, well prepared and delicious!

      More casual spots around the slip/bottom: Cafe Rustica, Urban Farmhouse, Millie's for brunch, Hard Shell if you like oysters, Havana for mojitos and sangria, Cafe Gutenburg for brunch/lunch, Honey Whyte's for awesome burgers in a dive atmosphere.

      Other places to suggest toward Fan/Carytown: brunch at Can Can or Sprout, "battleship" sandwiches at Black Sheep, BBQ at Buz and Ned's, Ethiopian food at Nile, deli-style sandwiches at Coppola's, more upscale deli sandwiches with cool beer at Olio, inventive seafood at Pescado's, awesome Italian at Edo's or Mama Zu.

      Black Sheep
      901 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23220

      Hard Shell
      1411 E Cary St Ste Ll, Richmond, VA 23219

      Cafe Rustica
      414 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219

      1. re: princsoreo

        Thank you everyone for the great suggestions!

      2. how did i forget juleps?
        and that's too bad about lemaire... it's been awhile since i've had more than cocktails there. went soon after it reopened and it was fab.

        oh and i do like pescados china street too - just don't end up at regular pescados. i was really disappointed.

          1. re: NXS

            nice restaurant. but nowhere close to the historic district where the OP asked...

          2. The Jefferson is highly recommended, if only for the plush setting. It's great for a drink and appetizers. I'd also add the boathouse, for a great view of the city from the river, though the food is so-so. Edo's Squid has great food, especially fish, but it's noisy. Acacia is also topnotch.

            Edo's Squid
            411 N Harrison St, Richmond, VA 23220