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Feb 4, 2011 07:07 AM

New York Kosher Steaks

I found out about this new company through an ad they bought on Facebook, went to their website and placed an order.

The meat was delivered Wednesday and we had some ribeyes last night. They were really good, certainly as good as we used to get from Golden West Glatt, if not better. They say their meat is Black Angus and raised without hormones or antibiotics but they do not claim it to be grass fed or grazed as opposed to feedlot.

I don't know a lot about the company, but the slaughter must take place in the New York area someplace. The meat is vacuum-packed but not frozen when it is shipped -- shipped in a cooler with ice packs.

The meat is not glatt and is supervised by R. Israel Mayer Steinberg, and yes, I know that this supervision is not universally accepted.

The company's office is in lower Manhattan but the meat is shipped by Fed Ex from Maspeth. I am guessing that this meat might be non-glatt production from Alle Processing (Meal Mart). I am pretty sure that none of the non-glatt producers other than Hebrew National do their own slaughter and any kosher slaughterhouse would rather sell their non-glatt as kosher rather than treif, if only for the price difference.

At any rate we found the steaks very good and the prices pretty decent. We got a package deal of eight boneless ribeyes (1 lb. each), eight five oz. lamb chops, four lb. of ground beef and two 1-lb, skirt steaks for around $195 including shipping.

If anyone knows anything more about this company I would be interested to hear it. Please avoid having this thread removed via debate about the reliability of the hechsher.

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  1. just to make sure-- the company's name is New York Kosher Steaks? I've never heard of them, but it sounds like a great price for you ordered!

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      Yes, the website is nykoshersteaks.com

    2. This is Alex Hirsch, the owner/general manager of NY Kosher Steaks and I am more than happy to address some of the questions and concerns that you brought up here. First, let me thank you for complementing the quality of our steaks, I'm very glad that you enjoyed them!

      As for the cows themselves, they are indeed Black Angus and raised in Lancaster, PA, grazing for 6 months before being put on a grain-fed diet. The slaughterhouse however is in Carteret, NJ.

      Our office is in lower Manhattan, but the processing is all done by Brooklyn Kosher, a wholesale kosher meat distribution company started by my father, and we are working essentially in a partnership to fill a void in the retail area for kosher meats. I personally have a hand in filling every order and packing the boxes to make sure that they are correct. The meat is also shipped from there but I am guessing that the processing hub is in Maspeth.

      Our family has been in the business for 4 generations, dating back to my great grandfather in the 1940's so there is a level of experience and knowledge that is not necessarily prevalent with other companies.

      I hope that this answers some of your questions, If you have any more or have other feedback I would be more than happy to help.