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Feb 4, 2011 06:12 AM

Wings and Subs - Red Bank Area

Thinking of throwing together a last minute SB party. Want to go easy and order most of the food. Looking for places where I can get a good 3/6-foot sub and wings, etc. Can be two different places.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Jersey Mike's in Shrewsbury for subs. You can cross the parking lot and hit Chicken Kitchen for decent wings.

    For the best wings though, you must go to Jack's in West End, Long Branch.

    Other sub options include Elsie's on Monmouth Street in RB, Stroker's in Shrewsbury post office plaza, Andy K's in Monmouth Beach. Not sure whether these places have 3- or 6-footers.

    Chicken Kitchen
    1140 Broad St, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

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    1. re: fershore

      Do you know if Jacks would do a to-go order? Thanks for the recos.

      1. re: chowfreak

        I would recommend Jack's for wings also...yes they will do to go orders. Just as a reference I believe 100 wings are 50 bucks. (But you can get however many you want)

        I also like Sal's in Shrewsbury a lot for subs..I'm sure they can do party orders.

        1. re: joonjoon

          Oh, and IMO you gotta go with the garlic wings.

        2. re: chowfreak

          Absolutely. Just tell them how many pieces you want. They put the sauce on the side so the wings won't get soggy.

        3. re: fershore

          Any Jersey Mike's will do (at least the local ones, but that's another story). I would think that any deli you've enjoyed their sandwiches at would do a decent big sub. As for wings, my son's favorite is Willy's on Monmouth St. in Red Bank. And since Elsie's is only a block away, you save time, too, if that's your sub choice.

          1. re: fershore

            LOVE Elsie's!!! Jersey Mike's has always seemed like "Fast Food Subs" to me... I bought a 3 foot sub from Elsie's in the summer - it was GREAT!

            1. re: jbsiegel

              +1 Elsie's, on Monmouth Street.... I hear good things about Tommy's Coal Fired Pizza's wings, but that's second-hand info... Slater's on 35 in Middletown/Red Bank does a mean sub, too...northbound just before the Oak Hill Rd. intersection

          2. I've always really liked the subs at Guidos in Eatontown.


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            1. re: equal_Mark

              +1 for Guido's. Personally, don't think Jersey Mike's even compares.

            2. To me, and apparently others, subs in Red Bank, means Elsie's. I can honestly say that I have been enjoying their sandwiches for over 25 years. (I guess I'm getting old).

              I think wings are tough for takeout (more of an FYI food - "fry it yourself"), but I do have family in the area who are fans of Cluck-U. Once upon a time in a Newark pronounced differently than ours, I thoroughly enjoyed their wings.

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