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Any Interesting Chinese New Year Multi-courseMenus in Chinatown?

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...please share! Thank you.

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  1. Per Grub Street, Dumpling Cafe has a Spring Fesival deal throughout February: $21 for two entrees plus some kind of appetizer or dumplings or buns, feeds two: http://boston.grubstreet.com/2011/02/...


    1. Not a multiple course menu but Penang is offering a New Year dish that is popular in Malaysia called Yee Sang. It's a multi textured many ingredient colorful salad with raw fish that is tossed and mixed by the diners. Fun and tasty especially with a group of diners.

      1. if you reserve a day ahead, you can also get glutinous rice stuffed chicken at peach farm.
        Be warned that it is filling though :-)