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Suggestions for Gruyere Substitute?

I am making lasagna and it calls for 1 cup Gruyere. I can't find Gruyere in our area, even traveling to the nearest larger city. What can I substitute for the Gruyere? The recipe also calls for Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella, and cream cheeses. Thanks for any insights!

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  1. Personally, I would just leave it out and bump amounts of others. But I am confused about the others. Cheddar in a lasagna? Obviously not an Italian recipe. No Ricotta? YMMV.

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      No, it's definitely not a traditional recipe, Quine. My nieces refuse to eat ricotta- they say it's too much like cottage cheese, which is a major gross-out for them! But for some reason, cream cheese is OK. Go figure. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I think I'll just double the Swiss.

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        Not for this recipe but in the future if the aversion to ricotta is why you are using this recipe you may want to look into using a bechemel sauce instead. I did this for my boyfriend and he LOVED it!

    2. Ditto Quine on bump, and on Cheddar? -- and cream cheese? BTW Swiss and Gruyere are "cousin" cheeses.

      1. Asiago. Not an aged one - just regular.

        1. Wow, Gruyere is readily available in Kansas. Can't believe you can't find it in Fla. Anyway, I would double the Swiss.

          Sounds like an interesting recipe you've got there. Please let us know how it turns out.

          1. I would also go with asiago or more swiss.

            But if you cant find gruyere, which every supermarket here carrries, you might have a hard time finding asiago.

            1. This sounds like Paula Deen's lasagna recipe:

              You could sub in more Swiss and you could add Fontina, Italian Fontina, but it sounds as if that may be tougher to find than the gryuere.
              It's got enough cheese as is, so I say bump up the others just a bit and soldier on.

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                if your local market doesn't have gruyere, they probably won't have an aged emmanteler. But in the case that they do, I'd use that as a sub. Asiago is also a fine sub. However, there is no true substitute for a well aged gruyere.

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                  OP probably can't get emmanteler either, but I think it's way too overpowering for lasagna. It's a great cheese, no doubt, but it would not play well with the other cheeses.