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Feb 3, 2011 08:43 PM

pub dinner in fitzroy

hi, folks! i posted recently about booking for a solo adventure at movida. today i'd like to invite thoughts on pub dinner options--and possibly alternatives--in fitzroy. i'm planning to spend some afternoon hours in "chill" mode at bimbo deluxe one weekday (probably a thursday, fwiw--although wednesday may be an option), and I'm looking to grab dinner in the area, possibly after a bit of an "intermezzo" on or around brunswick street. i'll be doing $4 pizza in mid-afternoon, so i'm not sure that a HUGE dinner is a good idea. also, there is an outside shot that i continue on to der raum for cocktails--although it's equally likely that i'll head back into the CBD to end what will be my last night in town (maybe at cookie, maybe at somewhere else that i get to and take a liking to).

i'm inclined to hit up either the rose hotel or the napier hotel. (i gave some thought to the standard and rainbow hotels, too.) as for preferences, i like it casual--and grungy is okay. i tend to like to sit at the counter/bar wherever i eat/drink, especially when i'm going it alone as i will be in this case). i'm not a fan of chicken parma (gasp!), but i think that meat is the likely choice, as i don't usually eat much beef (or kangaroo or other)(i live in japan). i enjoy microbrew and imported (esp. belgian) beers, so interesting offerings are a plus, but, most of all, i'd like a solid and cheap eats option with good atmosphere.

okay, have at it (please!). your thoughts?

any input much appreciated.



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  1. Napier is a good choice.

    I went to Gasometer the other day. American/Tex Mex food. Wasn't bad at all. I had a really nice hamburger. Little creatures, while more a beer barn than a pub has reasonable food and a good vibe, although might be a little odd for a party of one. Both these places have some more interesting beers.

    Don't worry about the Union.

    The standard is horrid for food now. They used to do a great steak sandwich but they must have changed chefs because the food just inst the same.

    Hope that helps.


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      thanks for the response. yeah, i knew about little creatures. i like the beer, but i had exactly the same feeling about going there solo--for the same reason i don't like to go to family restaurants solo. i scoped it out from outside last year when i was in town and on my way to (and from) bimbo deluxe, and i got the feeling that it's not exactly a cozy space: much better for a party with friends. the beer, i can get in plenty of places...

      i got the impression that the rose is more of a conventional, but very comfortable and welcoming, space--with VERY reasonable food prices--whereas the napier is a bit more of a wild and grungy affair, where one expects less of a warm welcome than a big plate... and some interesting beers on offer, from what i've gathered so far. but i probably won't have more than a pint/bottle or 2, at the most, as that day will be a lengthy affair involving a bit of pub/bar-crawling (probably ending up at cookie for a few special brews and possibly followed by ducking into double happiness for a cocktail or hell's kitchen [or robot] for a last soak in some atmosphere)!

      again, thanks for the ideas--and give a holler if any other ideas come to u: no advice is bad advice!

    2. Ahh I love this end of town - I went to uni just up the road at ACU, so spent a lot of time and money on Brunswick St and surrounds! One of my favourites is Joe's Garage - fantastic, hearty meals at great prices - highly recommend the burgers! Also in love with Naked for Satan at the moment - can't go past the $2 per piece tapas and amazing flavoured vodkas!