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Feb 3, 2011 06:17 PM

Soggy Popcorn

How do you make buttered popcorn without it being soggy? I make my popcorn on top of the stove, and then I pour melted butter over. I t always comes out soggy. Does anyone have any solutions? TIA

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  1. Your problem is too much butter or not tossing it as you add the butter very slowly.

    1. We make our popcorn the same way, but it's not soggy - do you take the popcorn out of the popping pan before you butter it? That would mean none of the steam from the lid would get on the popcorn and might increase your crispiness. Otherwise, what Escondido said - you're using too much butter (I know, is that possible?) and/or not mixing it well enough as you pour on the butter. I do a little butter, mix well (I use a butter knife to reach to the bottom of the bowl and then my left hand to keep the popped corn from falling over the edge on the other side), little more, etc. Then salt the same way, tasting as I go . . . .


      1. You need to get the popcorn out of the cooking vessel as soon as possible after the last kernal has popped. Otherwise, it starts to steam which equals soggy.

        If you are already doing that, then you must either be putting on too much butter or popping with too much oil.

        1. Butter is not pure oil/fat - it contains a small amount of water, which doesn't evaporate with regular melting. If you either clarify it or brown it, it will be less likely to make your popcorn soggy, but both of those things change the flavor somewhat. Also, if you're using margarine rather than butter, there's even more water in that, and no good way to get rid of it (shudders at the thought of using margarine for anything, ever).

          ETA: Browning butter changes its flavor for the better, IMO, and although it may make your popcorn look a little dirty, brown-buttered popcorn is DIVINE.

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            I agree. If you just barely melted the butter, it may still contain some water. Try just a few minutes more of heat (or microwave) to up the temp and some of that water will evaporate. If you're doing this in the microwave, the butter will pop a bit as individual droplets of water "explode" into vapor. For that reason, and because you can stir to help evaporation, I'd melt the butter in a small pan on the stove. It really just takes a minute more, or the butter will brown. Once you've got the timing down, either on the stove or in the microwave, your popcorn won't be soggy again.

          2. while you are making the popcorn, be sure to leave a crack between lid and pot for steam to escape. I usually cover fully and shake, then stop and crack the top for a bit while corn is popping, then repeat. I have found that my popcorn is soggy if I don't crack the top enough to let steam escape. and then I get the popcorn out of the pot before I butter it. I use plenty of butter so I don't think that's what's making it soggy.

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              What i have found that works best for me is to take a colander and turn it over to use as a lid. Luckily i found one that fits my pot perfectly. It allows steam to escape, and keeps popcorn in the pot.