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Feb 3, 2011 05:43 PM

Arthur's on the 4th - Oshawa, Finally Something Delicious in the GTA East!

(905) 435-2442

Driven by the Compass Group (C5 example, host of others) and situated in the RMG (Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery in Oshawa), Arthur's on the 4th was a delicious retreat from the everyday commute and in the sub par Oshawa/Whitby dining scene. My husband and I went for dinner tonight. The place is modern, simple and in a great space. The 4th floor of the gallery. We were promptly greeted, seated and jackets hung for us. The place was not busy because they've been open a few weeks and well, in my opinion, (possibly?) the Shwa doesn't pull in those with a fine dining clientele. They have menu's which change every two weeks to allow for freshness and seasonal updates. The chef had an extensive conversation with us and was friendly and intelligent. The food! Amazing. Three course meal, hearty and substantial portions for $30, two course for $25 - menu simple, offerings of 5 apps, 4 mains and 3 desserts. Covers all bases. We are extremely picky about food being in the food industry ourself, but this place has it all! Starters of pea and shellfish risotto, goat cheese parfait, GRILLED casear salad etc, Mains of petit beef with an amazing hash, chicken stuffed with a sweet potato and celery puree, vegetarian choice, a trout main and something else I can't remember. Desserts pot au creme chocolat, lemon shortcake something or other, and the sticky toffee granny smith dessert. But it all changes next week! Anyway, this is my review. I live in Whitby and have dined at Nice Bistro, Port in Pickering, Chatterpaul's, Avanti, Green St. Mansion, Pimento's, Hot Rocks (still a great spot), the dismal Brock House among a host of others and trust me, this is in a league of it's own for this region. I want our local businesses to succeed and this place is a great place to start!!

Check it out, and comment on this post. I'm just a very satisfied customer!!!!! I'm now hosting my rehearsal dinner there!!

3500 Brock N, Whitby, ON L1R0G2, CA

Compass Group
455 10 Ave, Cochrane, ON P0L, CA

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I can't agree more. My husband and I went there for dinner tonight and had the best meal we have had in the Durham region in at least four years. We were the only people in the place. What a shame because the meal was divine. For $30, we got three courses. I had the following:
      5 pepper seared scallops with bacon jam crostini
      Prosciutto-wrapped chicken with asparagus
      granny smith sticky toffee pudding
      My husband had mushroom consommé, Lake Erie pickerel, and a lemon curd shortbread.
      We had a bottle of wine as well as two cups of tea for under $120. Unbelievable.

      We had a lengthy discussion with the young chef. What a fantastic man! He told us that nearly everything (even the ketchup!) is house made, with the exception of TWO things. He also tries to buy local, and when that is impossible, buy Canadian.

      Run, don't walk, to Arthur's. If we lose this place, Durham will go back to being a culinary near-wasteland. It is open for dinner Thurs-Sat, and open for lunch Mon-Sat...and their lunch menu looks amazing, by the way.

      1. Three of us went recently on a Friday night, and I think the two previous reviews of Arthur's are way over the top. Adjectives like "amazing", "divine", "fantastic", "in a league of its own" --- come on!

        First of all, they've apparently already raised their prices -- the website says $35 for 3 courses , and that's what we were charged.

        The food is OK, if slightly over-priced. It is a perfectly fine bistro-style restaurant with a limited menu, in the same league as Burbs Bistro in Pickering, Nice Bistro in Whitby, and Chanterelle Bistro in Bowmanville, among others in the area. That's a lower league compared to e.g. Simple Bistro in Toronto, though. It differs very little from the restaurant it replaced in the same space, which died from lack of customers. I fear Arthur's will suffer the same fate --- the location inside a little-known museum is completely invisible from the street, and I haven't seen them advertising or promoting themselves. When I was there, it was half-full (or half-empty, if you wish).

        In summary, the restaurant is worth trying if you live or work nearby. It is not worth superlatives.

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        1. re: jjmellon

          jjmellon--I guess that you had a different experience from those which we have had each time we go. Fair enough. I don't think that they have raised prices, rather I was in error with my first post. My apologies. I still stand by my review. We will have to agree to disagree.

        2. The Granny Smith Sticky Toffee Pudding sounds interesting!

          1. Is this place still open? Their website is 7 months out of date.

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            1. re: RYP

              No, it's only available to rent for private functions now. Closed in about July sadly...

              1. re: RYP

                It died several months ago from lack of customers.