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Feb 3, 2011 05:19 PM

Has anyone tried Otto Pizza yet (Harvard Sq)?

The Cambridge branch of this Portland, ME mainstay is supposed to now be open. Has anyone tried it yet? Does it compare favorably to the original?

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  1. I tried a slice of tomato-basil last week and it was excellent. I was running between meetings so I kind of gobbled it without really being chow-focused, but the crust was notable - chewy yet light, with good flavor. Definitely requires further research. (I've never been to the one in Portland so I can't compare.)

    1. It was packed at about 10 p.m. Tuesday night as we walked past on our way to the Coop cabstand after seeing Stephen Fry speak at Memorial Church: of course, it's such a tiny little storefront that "packed" means there were about three people in there. My go-to when a pizza craving hits in Harvard Square is a slice of spinach or pepperoni at Pinocchio, but I'll make a point of trying this the next time I'm in the square.

      1. A group of five of us tried three pies last week: a Salami, Tomato and Scallion; a Four-Cheese White Pizza; and a Three Cheese Tortellini. We really liked the the flavor and texture of the crust, which was especially good on the hot slice that we shared while waiting for the order. We all agreed that the sauce had a nice sweetness, not cloying at all, and that the quality of the ingredients was top notch. Two in the group thought that all but the four-cheese would benefit from the addition of a saltier parm/romano/asiago in the cheese. Other than that, which is really just a matter of personal taste, everyone agreed that they were very solid pies.

        A welcome addition to the local pizza options, and definitely worth returning to try more on the menu orto grab a slice while in the square. Oh, and they were really, really nice and clearly interested in providing a quality product.

        1. I had a slice of chicken/caramelized onion/cranberry pizza after the Stephen Fry talk, and was really surprised by how nice the crust and toppings were. Kinda greasy (dripping onto my fingers while eating it), but for a $3 slice, it was excellent. Weird that their pizzas on display aren't labeled at all, though.

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            Yes, that is a bit strange about the labeling. Trying to choose a slice definitely takes longer without the labels.

          2. I went there about a week ago. They were really nice and went over all the options since they weren't labeled as someone else already mentioned. We shared a slice of the margherita and a slice of one with potatoes and bacon (I think). Definitely greasy but really tasy. And 3 dollars seems a bargain (compared to what Upper Crust charges).

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            1. re: lindy

              "compared to what Upper Crust charges"
              And Otto provides the peace of mind that UC cannot!

              1. re: hckybg

                I second all these Otto emotions: regarding ambiance, sauce, quality of ingredient and surprising tastiness, yet lightness of crust.

                I took out two slices--cranberry/butteernut/ricotta and spinach/chicken/asiago. (Needed to ask for the run-down of types of slices of course.) It was nice that the chicken seemed to have come from a real, roasted bird as opposed to some pre-formed "cutlet" type pieces. The butternut squash slice really benefited from better warming in home toaster oven and got more flavorful, as the squash portion was dollops of a relatively spicy squash puree, which wouldn't have tasted fully flavored cold or at room temp.

                Only two personal quibbles are:
                1: Agree that a pinch of salt could help everything
                2: Some of the more creative slices, to my tastes, seem best as a $3.00 slice as the tastes might get kind of "out there" for a whole pizza.