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Feb 3, 2011 03:38 PM

Where oh where is the real NY pizza?

I live in Eugene, we have a few passable pizza joints, Sy's and Mezza Luna are ok but let's face it, it's not home.

Once I called to order a pie and they asked me if I wanted apple.

Is there ANY killer pizza in the PNW???

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  1. If you are going to limit it to NY style, I'd venture no.
    If you are interested in other types, I'd vote yes.

    1. I would imagine "real NY pizza" is in New York.
      The PNW has killer pizza all over the place- especially wood fire pizza, custom crusts and artisan cheeses. Not NY style.
      I think you will be disappointed if you seek regional specialties out of their region.

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      1. re: sedimental

        I beg to differ. I lived in NJ, 24 miles east of the City, for 7 years and Number 1 New York Pizza actually pulls it off. You don't go here for the atmosphere but it's got real NY style pizza. Garlic salt and oregano on the table, you get yelled at for ordering more than 3 toppings and they throw you out if you ask for fruit on your pizza. Give it a try it's worth the trip for a slice of NY pizza.

      2. Apizza Scholls up in Portland does a great pie. I am a transplant from Brooklyn, NY - Bensonhurst is where I lived. I love their pizza. It is very thin crust and almost a bit closer to New Haven, CT style, but it is the closest I have found, and it is delicious.

        Just do not go on a Sat. night, you will wait forever.

        281 N 3rd Ave, Stayton, OR 97383

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        1. re: JillO

          Apizza Scholls makes great pizza, but I don't think I'd classify it as either NY or New Haven. With the sourdough starter and multi-day fermentation, I think it's in it's own category. The best descriptor I can come up with would be along the lines of 'Artisan-NY'

        2. Is it the water? Like bagels?

          There's a Rays every 12 feet at home..can't I have just one?

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          1. re: Sharoneonta

            yeah, but how many Northwest style pizza places are there in NYC? :)

            1. re: bbqboy

              Good point. Maybe I should just appreciate what I have and look forward to my annual week long pizza eating pig out in NY.

              I am going to try that place in Bellingham though. It's worth a try.

              1. re: Sharoneonta

                It is not in Bellingham. Here is an urban spoon review of it :


                It sounds like NY Pizza is in the eye of the beholder.Have you tried to make your own pizza?

                I will try it out when I am up there next.

          2. This is a favorite in Bellingham. Not NY-style pizza, but wood-fire pizza with some incredible toppings. I just had the Major Grigio for the first time recently with curry roasted veggies, something I would probably never have ordered but someone else was doing the ordering. It was sooooo good. Couldn't stop eating it!


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            1. re: laurachow

              I'm trying to imagine how curry roasted veggies would go over in NYC. :)

              1. re: bbqboy

                Not very well. To steal some bumpersticker wisdom: Keep Bellingham Weird!

                1. re: bbqboy

                  Probably not too well!!!! Lafiamma is truly a PNW pizza place! A really good one too!

                  I have had NY pizza by the slice in NYC on several occasions. Not a big fan of it! But I can appreciate that someone who IS a big fan of it would miss it "around these parts". Very different pizza.