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Feb 3, 2011 02:54 PM

how can I transform this?

I made cauliflower soup last night, and it was very meh, despite adding more salt, more pepper, more cheese.

Ingredients were:
white cheddar

And I've got quite a lot left. So how can I transform this soup into something more delicious?

Please keep it vegetarian.


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  1. when my wife and i were in cabo san lucas we had really good cauliflower soup..
    i think they had potato and cumin in it also..

    1. Next time you make it, try roasting the caulifower and caramelizing the onlions. This will add a lovely flavor dimension. Cumin and paprika also complement caulifower well.

      To salvage this batch, saute a bit more garlic in olive oil, add a bit of cumin or paprika and whir in the blender. If it is watery, the potato mentioned by srsone can help thicken it.

      1. How about turning it into baked pasta? Cook up the noodles, add some more cheese--blue cheese of any kind adds an extra kick--maybe some cayenne, and then mix it all up, bread crumbs on top and bake. Could be good.

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          Thanks! I did this, used sriracha instead of cayenne, more garlic, and some smoked gouda and more cheddar. Helped tons. Even went back for seconds!

        2. Hot sauce, cayenne pepper, and/or lemon juice.

          1. simple solution:

            go to an ethnic market and buy a jar of ajvar.
            mix in several scoops of the stuff.
            taste to see if you need more salt afterwards.